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Sunday 26 February 2012

Slough Borough Council ignoring rat-infested filth

Labour's Proud to be Slough claims exposed as 'more rubbish'

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Every day for 8 months, shoppers visiting Slough's premier shopping centre walked past a rat infested side road filled with filthy smelling rubbish and fly-tipping.

Shop and office workers witnessed the disgusting state of the town-centre road. Slough Council seemed to ignore complaints despite the epidemic of council funded 'Proud to be Slough' flags hanging from lamp posts in the town.

Hatfield Road North is parallel to the south side of Slough High Street. Its a 'u' shaped access road from The Grove to Slough Council's Hatfield Car Park.

A dirty looking mattress infested with cockroaches and visited by rats

One of many complainants who contacted Slough Borough Council was 44 year old resident Asif Khan. Mr Khan said he had complained 'many times' but the council did nothing.

Slough Council ignored the problem. Most of the council's highly paid top staff do not live in Slough, so the council's attitude was 'Out of sight is out of mind'.

After 5 months of council failure, Mr Khan asked the Slough Party if they could get the smelly rubbish removed. The community group wrote to Slough Council on Tuesday, 29 November 2011 with three photographs showing the rubbish.

The council had no procedure to deal with this type of problem so it did nothing.

Expecting over 50,000 Olympic tourists to visit Slough in 3 months time, Slough Council keeps this unhygienic eyesore as a Tourist Attraction

After another 3 months of council failure, making 8 months so far, the Slough Times working with the Slough Party took more photographs and sent them to Slough Council on Friday, 17 February 2012.

Despite its nauseating claims to be 'excellent' Slough Council did nothing. The Labour-run council demonstrated it has no pride and no civic interest in the borough of Slough. Here is the proof.

Proud to be Slough ? ? ?

Who controls Slough Borough Council?

Slough Unitary Authority, better known as Slough Borough Council, is controlled by three people:-

  • The Leader of the Council, who is the chief councillor, Rob Anderson (Labour, Britwell). Mr Anderson is paid £30,000 a year (£26,000 by the council and £4,000 by the government)
  • The Deputy Leader of the Council, who is the deputy chief councillor, James Swindlehurst (Labour Cippenham Green). Mr Swindlehurst is paid £20,000 a year by the council.
  • The Head of Paid Service, better known as the council's chief executive, Ruth Bagley O.B.E. Mrs Bagley's salary package is £186,000 a year paid by the council. Mrs Bagley is responsible for the running of the council and reports to Mr Anderson, the Leader of the Council.

Public Right to a Good Council Service?

The public living and working in the territory administered by Slough Borough Council have no Right in law to a good service. The public have no Right in law to question any of the above top decision makers responsible for spending £400 million every year.

Unlike other countries England has no statutory regulator of local government.

1 June 2012

One year after the first complaints were made to Slough Borough Council, the Slough Times published a 4 page glossy special edition leaflet featuring this disgusting, filthy, unhygienic rat-infested eyesore.

Labour leader Cllr Rob Anderson, out delivering election leaflets to the Britwell public, expressed his fury at the leaflet. He was extremely unhappy the Slough Times had exposed Slough Council's uncaring incompetence.

About a week later, without warning, Slough Borough Council cleaned-up all the mess in a 06:00 a.m. dawn operation. Everyone was astonished. Some wondered whether The Queen was coming to visit.

We are waiting for Slough Council to reveal the costs of the operation.

Once again it seems struggling, ultra-reluctant and utterly indifferent Labour-run Slough Council has to be shamed before it is willing to act like a responsible and fit-for-purpose local authority.

23 September 2013

Slough Borough Council told the Slough Times it does not know who removed the stinking rubbish from the road at the rear of Slough's High Street shops. Consequently Slough Council does not know the clean-up cost.

26 February 2015

Businesses, staff, shoppers and visitors to the area are again complaining about the neglected, slum-like conditions in the northern part of Hatfield Road. The Slough Times is currently compiling a report.