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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Council neglect puts Pensioners in the Dark

No council elections due so repairs can wait until 2014 ?

by Amanda Fox
External light out at 1 of 6 maisonette blocks, Long Readings Lane

More Council Neglect

Out delivering Christmas cards on the evening of 9 December, local resident Paul Janik noticed external lights at three blocks of maisonettes were out.

Shocked by another example of Slough Borough Council neglect, Paul Janik took the above photograph.

After waiting 10 days for the council or the 3 local Labour councillors or the council staff living in the same road to get the repairs done, Paul Janik revisited the maisonettes and this time noticed 4 of the 6 blocks had no working external lights.

Mr Janik, an established community activist, explained that some of the residents are in their sixties, seventies and eighties and they could fall over in the dark if they trip over the steps. Also visitors arriving in darkness would find it very difficult to see the external door numbers and entrance buzzers.

Britwell's 3 local councillors

Britwell's three Labour councillors are rarely seen in the ward, according to residents, except whose posing for publicity photographs. They routinely assure the public that they care but council neglect remains conspicuous.

  1. Rob Anderson (Labour), Commissioner of Finance & Strategy, officially lives 25 minutes walk away.
  2. Martin Carter (Labour), officially lives 50 minutes walk away.
  3. Pavitar Mann (Labour), Commissioner for Opportunity & Skills, officially lives 4 minutes walk away.

Note: To be a Slough councillor one does not need to live in Slough, one can work and live in another part of the country or, as former Cllr Nigel Rushby (Labour) demonstrated, working in the Philippines for six months or longer whilst being paid all councillor fees and allowances.


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