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Thursday 12 September 2013

Wexham Park Hospital's Last AGM

Wexham Park & Heatherwood Hospitals' last Annual General Meeting at

The Long Barn
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts
Altwood Road, Maidenhead SL6 4PF

Wednesday 18 September - 18:30 to 20:30


The AGM Agenda

  1. 18:30 • Welcome and Introductions
  2. 18:35
    • Emergency Medicine ‐ the Future at Wexham Park by Nick Jenkins, Consultant A&E
    • Stroke Services - Getting it Right by Derek Hilton, Consultant Stroke Physician
  3. 19:30 • Review of the Year (including 2012/13 Annual Report) and Plans for the Future by the nameless 'Chairman' and the nameless 'Chief Executive Officer'
  4. 19:45 • Financial Review (including 2012/13 Annual Accounts) by the nameless 'Chief Finance Officer'
  5. 19:55 • Report of the Council of Governors by the nameless 'Lead Governor'
    • Review of 2012/13
    • Membership report
    • New Governor appointments
    • Governor Committees
  6. 20:10 • External Audit Report by KPMG
  7. 20:20 • Questions from Members of the Public
  8. 20:30 • Any Other Business & Close of the Meeting

Wexham Park dislikes Annual General Meetings

Amazingly the expensive NHS Foundation Trust has never had a proper Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Instead it has a series of so-called Annual Members' Meetings open to everyone including hospital staff, patients and the public generally. However these annual meetings, at which medical presentations, the accounts and the chief executive's reports are presented have been grossly inadequately publicised. A hospital source told the Slough Times

Last year only 6 people turned-up.

An undercover Slough Times reporter conducted an internal survey inside Wexham Park Hospital less than 10 days before the AGM, and discovered absolutely none of the staff knew. Our reporter talked to:-

  • Cleaners
  • Auxiliary nursing staff
  • Nurses in wards, A&E, recovery rooms, out-patients facilities
  • Nursing Sisters
  • Hospital Porters
  • House Officers (junior doctors)
  • Senior House Officers (doctors)
  • Registrars (senior doctors)

but no one knew anything about the meeting. The Trust subsequently told the Slough Times

The staff should know because
there are notices up everywhere inside the hospital

Our reporter wandering around the hospital never saw any notices mentioning the meeting. That is probably why the staff never saw them either.

The Last Ever A.G.M. ?

This year, 2013, the Trust's last year in existence before it is very likely taken over by the better performing and better managed Frimley Park Trust near Camberley, Surrey, the Wexham Park Trust seems to have lost all interest. For example, this year's AGM agenda was not finalised until 7 days before the AGM.

Even more surprising is the Trust's management's bizarre choice of venue. Despite many available and better places in Slough, with good road access and bus services, Wexham Park's elite have decided upon an obscure, almost isolated and not well known location in suburban Maidenhead with no public transport links, unless one considers Maidenhead's often expensive taxis to be 'public transport'.

WPH : A perpetual problem Trust

The problem Trust which has in the past closed wards to save money, has pleaded with its clinical staff to go on holiday and not perform operations, has lurched from crisis to crisis despite salaries and perks for its top non-medical bosses always going up.

Its official title is the Heatherwood & Wexham Park NHS Foundation Trust.

Wexham Park, on the northern border of Slough, is classified as an 'Acute Hospital' which means it provides a range of important and major clinical services including Accident & Emergency (A&E) care to an increasingly wide geographic area, particularly after the Labour government closed the A&E at Wycombe General Hospital in High Wycombe.

Heatherwood is a minor hospital in Ascot providing minor but equally important clinical services to its local population.

Building Plans

For many years, anonymous NHS bosses have tried to close all or part of Heatherwood, and build houses on the site.

Slough MP Fiona MacTaggart has supported the closure of Wexham Park and the building of a replacement hospital away from Slough. This has provoked alarm and unrest among the majority of Slough's 160,000 population as well as those living in adjoining areas.

Finally our sincere thanks to the Clinical Staff

Although the Slough Times is critical of the non-clinical and non-medical administration, meaning the very expensive bureaucrats, reputation management specialists (spin doctors) and similar professional wafflers currently employed at the public's expense in Wexham Park Hospital, we have the highest praise for the 'real' parts of the NHS, the people including porters, radiologists, nurses and doctors whom we sincerely know are doing an excellent job. These are the heroes and heroines of Wexham Park.

Thank you - You're great