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Thursday, 31 October 2013

German company Arvato gets richer as Labour privatise more Slough Council jobs

Cllr Rob Anderson gives Slough jobs to Arvato workers in Derbyshire.
Labour say council privatisation is good for Slough.
Arvato moves to bigger offices next to smelly rubbish processing site.

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Citing high rents at Airways House, 2 Langley Road, when the current lease expires, German company Arvato are moving in December 2013 to:-

Arvato Public Sector Services
Phoenix One
59-63 Farnham Road
Slough SL1 3TN

Arvato's new Slough offices, Phoenix, Farnham Road

Jaggard Baker surveyors state Airways House has 9,780 square feet at an annual cost of, per square foot, rent £16.00, Business Rates (property tax) £5.44 and service charge £ pending. The annual cost is £209,683.20 plus service charge plus VAT.

According to Knight Frank Arvato's lease on Phoenix One, is for 11,119 square feet leased from 31 October 2013 for 8 years at an annual cost of: rent £20.00, Business Rate (property tax) £7.00 estimated and service charge £4.50 estimated. The annual cost is £350,248,50 plus 20% VAT = £420,298,20.

Mathematical geniuses will notice the new costs seem significantly more expensive than the previous costs. Whatever the actual costs, all the money is coming out of the pockets of Slough's Council Tax payers.

sq ft / 10.764 = m2

In a 10 year deal, the second given to German company Arvato, part of the massive Bertelsmann conglomerate, Slough Borough Council has transferred an unspecified quantity of jobs and services to the failing Arvato organisation.

We have asked the less than impressive council for details of the latest transfer. We are still waiting.

The Slough Times has witnessed Arvato's glaring Council Tax administration faults causing alarm and distress to local residents and outright lies from an Arvato employee as he sought to justify an erroneous Council Tax arrears notice causing alarm, fear and distress to other poor residents.

The Arvato deal was allegedly delayed by contractual inconsistencies blamed by council staff on the council's previous Chief Finance Officer (The 'Section 151 Officer' in local government jargon), Julie Evans (also known as Julie Lorraine Kennealy). Mrs Evans left the council in mysterious circumstances.

Some staff will move from SBC's ground floor office at Landmark Place, High Street
Arvato's new offices are opposite the former Satchwell Controls factory