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23 December 2013

16 Arrested in Immigration Raid

Slough food preparer Shipleys Foodservice employing illegals

The UK's Internal Affairs Ministry, better known - from the days when Britain ruled the waves and large chunks of the globe - as The Home Office to distinguish itself from the Scottish Office, the Irish Office, The Welsh Office, The Great India Office, the Colonial Office etc. revealed that on Friday 20 December 2013 at 11.20 hours, Immigration Enforcement Officers raided the business premises known as:-

Shipleys Foodservice Ltd.
Upton Court Farm
Upton Court Road
Slough SL3 7LU

and arrested 16 illegal workers after they failed to provide proof of their entitlement to be working in the United Kingdom. The 16 are:-

Visa overstayers:-

  • 7 Pakistani men, aged 21 to 27
  • 2 Indian men, aged 48 and 57
  • 3 Indian women, aged 33, 43 and 52
  • 1 Bangladeshi woman, aged 38
  • 1 Bangladeshi man, aged 43

Visa contraventions:-

  • 1 Pakistani man, aged 30

Failed asylum seeker:-

  • 1 Pakistani man, aged 31

8 of the arrested immigrants have been transferred to a secure immigration detention centre to await deportation to their home countries.

The remaining 8 illegal workers are being allowed to continue living in the community whilst awaiting news of their eventual deportation. In the meantime they must regularly report their presence to Immigration officials.

Immigration Warning

Immigration Enforcement official Paul Smith warned local businesses

Businesses which follow the rules have nothing to fear, but those who either deliberately employ people with no right to work or fail to carry out the legally required checks on their staff should expect to face heavy financial penalties.

Illegal working has a negative impact on communities. It defrauds the taxpayer, undercuts honest employers and cheats legitimate job seekers out of employment opportunities.

Employers unsure of the steps they need to take to avoid employing illegal workers can visit http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/business-sponsors/preventing-illegal-working/ or they can call the Employers Helpline on 0300 123 4699.

Shipleys Foodservice details

Shipleys Foodservice Ltd.
(company number 06597731)

has a web site at shipleysfoodservice.co.uk

The company was incorporated on 20 May 2008. The current directors are these British nationals:-

  • Mr Jayant Kalyanji Thakrar (junior)
  • Mrs Shilpa Jayant Thakrar (junior) who is also the company secretary.

The Shipleys Foodservice web site states the company operates in Slough at Upton Court Farm and at the Western International Market, Hayes Road, Southall UB2 5XS.

Shipleys Foodservice's 2008 catalogue, the latest version currently available, states:-

Shipleys Foodservice Limited (SFS) prepares fresh fruit and vegetables and distributes the products to customers in the United Kingdom

Apart from that SFS distributes food products to Pubs and Restaurants, Hotels and Conference Centers throughout the UK

Quality Control

Staff training is an integral part of our Quality Control process. All personnel, including temporary staff are appropriately trained prior to commencing work and adequately supervised during the production period.

Every new member of production and management has to go through initial training related to food safety and personal hygiene before commencing work. Apart from that every new member goes through medical screening.

Potential £160,000 fine

British Government policy is to fine businesses employing illegal workers up to £10,000 per worker.

Consequently Shipley Foodservice might receive a total fine of £160,000.

According to the companycheck.co.uk web site Shipleys Foodservice last known net worth is £32,771. This means the company may not be able to afford to pay the maximum fine. Shipley Foodservice Ltd already has two registered debts. The company might be forced into administration, liquidation or bankruptcy.

Shipleys Fruit & Vegetables

Registered at the same business address, Upton Court Farm, is another company run by the same Thakrar directors.

The second company is Shipleys Fruit & Vegetables Ltd (04609201) registered on 5 December 2002. It is currently controlled by these British directors:-

  • Mr Kalyanji Morarji Thakrar (senior)
  • Mrs Manjula Kalyanji Thakrar (senior)
  • Mr Jayant Kalyanji Thakrar (junior)
  • Mrs Shilpa Jayant Thakrar (junior) who is also the company secretary

who live in the same house in Mill Lane, Taplow, near Maidenhead SL6 0AG.

It is thought the real control of Shipleys Fruit & Vegetables is exercised by Mr and Mrs Thakrar (junior) as Mr and Mrs Thakrar (senior) are in their seventies.

Shipleys Fruit & Vegetables Ltd does not appear to have its own web site. It does, however, share the same business telephone numbers as Shipleys Foodservice Ltd.

Chambers Prepared

Mr Thakrar (senior) is the company secretary for food company Chambers Prepared Ltd. (04389287) operating at W-10, Western International Market, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5XJ.

Chambers Prepared is controlled by sole director Jitendra 'Jit' Thakrar of nearby Windsor. Interestingly Chambers Prepared Ltd's email address is shipleys@tiscali.xxxxxx (source: www.westerninternational.co.uk/traders.php)