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30 December 2013

National survey reveals Slough is a dump

But Labour claim Slough is a success story

Slough's dismal bunch of pathetic rulers probably celebrated Christmas in the happy and relaxed expectation that not many residents would pay the astronomically expensive price of 75p for an extremely thin copy of the Slough Express published 2 days after Christmas.

The Friday 27 December 2013 Slough Express edition had just 32 pages. The Slough Observer charged 60p for a total of 44 pages - both with little news apart from the shocking horrors of shopping at Tesco's second biggest store in the UK.

The massive soul-less 'Hanger 5' store, which daily causes traffic misery to thousands of passing motorists, was another Labour Party success story with secret undocumented meetings held between top council officials and Tesco personnel prior to its construction.

Deputy Labour Leader Cllr James Swindlehurst claimed the gigantic Tesco on the north side of the A4 Wellington Street was needed because as Cllr Swindlehurst told everyone:-

At 1:00 am there is shopping trolley congestion in the isles at Tesco

One wondered why Cllr Swindlehurst, then resident near the gigantic ASDA supermarket in Cippenham, decided to regularly do his shopping at 1:00 am in the morning in the central of Slough whilst most people were fast asleep.

Was Cllr Swindlehurst secretly meeting people in the middle of the night behind the tins of bake beans and spaghetti ?

Misleading newspaper claim

Despite appearing in the  Slough Express  the headline in the bottom left corner of page 3 was:-

A good quality of life in borough

Shocked residents will have wondered what planet is the Maidenhead Advertiser controlled Slough Express on ?

Astonished citizens of the slovenly Labour run borough of Slough where social decay, neglect and second or third class council services are commonplace, will have been baffled by the sensational and misleading newspaper claim of A good quality of life in borough.

Your hard working and honest Slough Times reporters quickly discovered all the facts which would have taken the 'Express' less than 10 minutes to find.

Halifax reveals Slough is an unhealthy sub-standard dump

Halifax, once a community created Building Society intended to help ordinary folk buy a house was destroyed by money-grabbing speculators who forced the Halifax Building Society to pay them many thousands of pounds. The public owned building society then had to change into a commercial bank. The bank, just like a bunch of unscrupulous crooks, ripped-off its customers with dodgy PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) schemes. It became almost bankrupt because of sleazy deals.

Desperately hoping the public forgets about Halifax's shocking past, the Halifax now publishes annual surveys of the best 250 urban local authorities where living standards are expertly calculated to be good.

Naturally everyone wants to know how good Slough is especially after Labour and Slough Council chief executive Ruth Bagley told everyone:-

Slough is a success story

The Slough   Success Story

The Slough Times wondered whether they mean Success at Slough being transformed into something wonderfully nice and good for the public or success at becoming an even bigger dump and cesspit of incompetence, corruption and dodgy policemen ?

Success usually means things are improving but is Labour's version of reality really true ? Is Labour fooling the public or has Slough definitely improved and improved enough to be a good place to live ?

Council boss Ruth Bagley posed for Proud to be Slough photographs and her Labour controlled council spent public funds erecting Proud to be Slough flags everywhere. The sideways text on the tatty flags can best be read by collapsed drunks laying sideways on pavements.

Can the public judge Labour's claimed Success by the sight of tatty flags, some proclaiming Slough means business right next to slum-like conditions at the eastern end of Slough High Street ?

A quick trip around the borough shows the better-maintained areas, where residents are more affluent, and the disgraceful appalling areas where poverty, neglect, illiteracy and council indifferent, frivolous waste and incompetence are everywhere.

Are Labour's tatty cheap-looking money-wasting flags a desperate attempt to fool the long-suffering public into thinking everything in Slough is wonderful including the very high salary package of £186,000 per year (that is £40,000 to £50,000 more than the Prime Minister is paid) Labour gives to the council's top official ?

The Halifax Results

Halifax, now part of the British taxpayer's owned Lloyd's Banking Group, publishes its annual list just before Christmas.

We downloaded the 2013 survey results and can report that the sad pitiful failing borough of Slough does not feature as a place worth living in. Slough is so incredibly bad, its not included on the list.

Labour has been a disaster for Slough. With higher Council Tax than Windsor & Maidenhead but with an epidemic of scandals including Slough Borough Council employing illegal immigrants and worse.

Here are the results for Slough's neighbouring councils:-

    Wokingham Borough

    Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

    28South Bucks district

    39Bracknell Borough

    53Wycombe District

    73West Berks (Newbury district)

    201Reading Borough

    219Hillingdon Borough (includes Uxbridge)

    238Hounslow Borough

    Slough is not on the list.

Labour : The Wreckers

In 2014 the same goons, that made Slough an unfit dump to live-in, are up for re-election. One of them Cllr James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham Green), of Slough Slug's bus station fame, wants to become a European MP (MEP) as well as staying a Slough borough councillor.

Swindlehurst and his political chum, the accountant Cllr Rob Anderson (Labour, Britwell), the council's political boss, presided over the almost bankruptcy of Slough Borough Council 2002-2003. It seems that despite being in charge of the council they did not have a clue.

Labour forced the public had to pay all the costs of Labour's negligence with a massive 15% Council Tax rise, cuts in many community services including for the elderly. Labour even kicked-out thousands of Slough's children from their safe and supervised play centres and on to the dangerous unsupervised and unsafe streets. Cllrs Anderson, Swindlehurst and their bunch of silent Labour councillors did not understand that the council run children's Play Centres were a safe supervised environment for children to meet, mix and play.

Little children don't have votes, so Labour have nothing to fear when it 'steals' the children's Play Centres and kicks the kids out onto the streets. Not one of Labour's councillors complained. Probably because they are weak, gormless, afraid to upset their political masters and too scared to speak-up for the Public they are supposed to represent.

Labour also closed down Slough's outdoor heated swimming pool at Baylis Park. The heated outdoor pool with 3,000 lockers available to swimmers was a paradise for many growing-up in Slough. Labour closed it down to appease some of its fundamentalist supporters whose votes Labour desperately wanted.

Is Labour's wrecking of Slough, really a genuine Success Story or just another local Slough disaster ?