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Wednesday 22 January 2014
First with the news

Immigration raid Fleetwood Architectural

12 illegal workers arrested at Bath Road, Cippenham, company

Another Slough Times special report

On Thursday 23 January, a Fleetwood spokesman told the Slough Times

Following yesterday's visit from the UK Borders Agency we understand that intelligence was received by them regarding a few of our colleagues.

We are satisfied that our internal immigration checks are robust and compliant with Borders Agency requirements and we are currently working collaboratively with the Borders Agency to resolve any matters that may arise as a result of their visit.

Home Office Statement

Three hours after the Fleetwood statement, the Home Office issued their version of the same event:

Immigration Officers visited Fleetwood Aluminium, Bath Road, Slough, at about 2pm yesterday (Wednesday 22 January). Individuals were questioned to check if they had the Right to be in the UK.

At the premises Immigration Officers arrested 12 Indian men aged between 25 and 51 years old. All were working illegally and had either entered the country unlawfully or had overstayed their visas.

After the factory raid, a house was search. At the house a 30 year-old Indian man who had entered the country unlawfully was arrested.

Fleetwood was served with a notice warning that a civil penalty of up to £10,000 per illegal worker will be imposed on the business unless adequate proof is provided to the Immigration Service that Fleetwood has undertaken all the necessary Right-to-Work checks on the 12 arrested men.

Nine of the men remain in immigration detention pending their removal from the country. The man arrested at the house and 3 of the 12 men arrested at the factory were placed on immigration bail while the Immigration Service establishes whether the men have the Right to remain in the UK. If they do not, they will be expelled from the UK.

Were the illegal workers paid the minimum wage ?

On Thursday 23 January 2014, the Slough Times asked Fleetwood

  • Were any other of your business premises raided by Immigration?
  • How will you replace the vacancies caused by the removal of some of your workers?
  • Did you pay those workers the minimum wage ?

Fleetwood avoided answering those questions. The Slough Times tried again

  • Is the company willing to confirm that all the workers, including the 11 arrested yesterday, are actually paid at least the minimum wage? One of the allegations made about employers of illegal workers, is that the employers usually pay slave wages well below the minimum wage. Hence our curiosity.
  • How is the company going to replace the workers currently detained by Immigration pending deportation? Were they doing 'normal' type jobs or very skilled work?

Fleetwood refused to respond to those questions.

Fleetwood's potential fine of £120,000 is nothing compared to the company's claimed £20 million annual turnover.

Fleetwood's website www.faa-group.co.uk proudly announces

We are a specialist contractor involved in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium windows, doors, facades, curtain walling and rainscreen cladding.

Currently Fleetwood have manufacturing, design, and project management facilities to successfully deliver schemes between £200k and £8 Million.

Fleetwood's directors

Company records reveal the following directors

  • Mr Jasdeep Rup Singh Randhawa, 34 years old, appointed on 22 June 2009, director of 9 companies
  • Mr Tajinder Singh Sangha, 43 years old, appointed on 17 February 2003, director of 12 companies
  • Mrs Sukhbir Kaur Sangha, 43 years old, appointed on 16 November 1998, director of 4 companies
  • Mr Tarvinder Singh Gosal, 42 years old, appointed on 22 June 2009, director of 7 companies