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Wexham Park hospital's governor election

One vacancy for a Slough representative

Report by Paul Janik

Wexham Park governor election : February 2014

Voting continues in Wexham Park hospital's latest election for a hospital governor to represent the public in Slough.

Normally the hospital keeps these public elections secret from the public.

Hospital top bosses deliberately do not put election information on the hospital's web site  www.heatherwoodandwexham.nhs.uk  

Here are the details Wexham Park's top management, lead by £190,000 a year chief executive Phillipa Slinger, wanted to keep secret or never thought you - the public whose taxes pay all the costs of running the hospital - might like to see.

The 7 Candidates

Amrik Singh Banse

I have used Wexham Park/Heatherwood Hospitals since 1983. Having been a Governor in anther Trust, I have acquired extensive training to understand the role and its link between service users and the Trust. I know how to identify and monitor areas for development to ensure greater choice and to meet the diverse needs of the community. I have learnt ways to make information about Trust/its services available to people. I am retired and enjoy voluntary work. My journey began in India, shaped in Kenya and completed in England. I was teacher/journalist in Kenya. In England I worked as a Probation Officer. I am a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Harmondsworth Removal Centre and was governor/chairman at two Slough schools. I have the ability and desire to be a Governor. I have acquired knowledge about Slough's communities through voluntary work and as a past correspondent of Slough Observer. I have skills to communicate/explain the purpose of any changes. I would share health needs with the Trust, helping it to understand its patients' expectations.

The post suits me. I have time and good health to carry out the tasks ably, both for the benefit of the Trust and the local community. I am a team player and friendly. I am able to get on well with people of different backgrounds and can work easily with others effectively in decision making processes.

I lead the Patient Representative Group at my surgery, taking patients' voice at various health forums.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Jagjiwan Lal Gopal

Being a Slough resident since 1965, over the last 4 decades I have been involved with a number of community & charity projects; as an active & senior member of the Hindu Cultural Society Slough. My experiences have allowed me to gain an insight towards understanding how individuals and groups can share multi-functional ideologies and actively work together for the long term benefit of the community & town.

My ideologies and experiences are completely aligned to the needs of the community, and the Council of Governors are a group of individuals I feel passionately about being a part of.

One of my key objectives will be to work towards & ensure that the hospitals & medical centres of Slough can attain further investment & funding to enhance Wexham Park Hospitals amenities & conditions of equipment for the betterment of patients & community members. Vote for me as I will be an active, engaging & practical member of the Council of Governors and I will do my utmost to ensure we can all make an active positive difference together for Slough Wexham Hospital.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: Labour Party Slough. Hindu Cultural Society
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Anthony John Martin

I have lived and worked in the local area all my life. I have been married to Patricia for 54 years, and have a daughter and son, and three grand children. I was for many years an engineering draughtsman, with a local company. I have since had managerial posts in the packaging and distribution industries. My last post, before retirement was with Stoke Park Golf Club as senior starter, a position I held for 10 years. My hobbies include gardening and reading. I am actively involved with my local Royal British Legion, and for 12 years was Poppy Appeal Organisor, during which time £120,000.00 was raised. I am currently Chairman of the Branch Committee. I have been a member for the last 40 years. If elected as a Governor, I feel I could bring a lot of life experience and common sense to issues that may arise. I saw Wexham Park Hospital being built, and have had, on several occasions, need of the excellent services provided. I hope that any contribution I make would continue to ensure the Trust maintains its reputation for giving a service to the Public, that all can be proud of.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

John Nash

A short time prior to my filling in this nomination form statement I received notification that I would not be suitable for governorship but I was invited to try again next time round, it seems that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing so I will fill it in anyway.

I have no knowledge of medical matters other than what I read in books, and on the media but I do like to keep abreast of current affairs regarding these issues and I believe in considering situations from every perspective, I have always been of the opinion that prevention is better than cure and my wife and I watch our diet and eat organicly when ever possible.

I must admit we prefer alternative remedies before drugs, but all things in their place, I do not have a computor and I realise that this would possibly put me at a disadvantage in your consideration but so be it.

I could ramble on alot more but that would put me over my word limit, so I will close now by saying thank you for your considerations.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Sharon Teresa Bernadette O'Reilly

Please vote for me.

I am a local mother concerned about newspaper reports exposing Wexham Park's failings to provide adequate care in clean conditions.

I will work tirelessly to improve standards at the hospital.

Wexham Park is our local hospital, so the whole community must support plans to improve it.

Providing a good quality of care in hygienic conditions is a top priority.

I want the hospital to become more accountable to patients and their relatives.

Desirable improvements include

  • Upgrading the complaints system so standards rise;
  • Introducing a voluntary advocacy service available to all
  • Adding shelters to the outdoor gardens for patients, their relatives and their visitors; there is little privacy in the wards to discuss personal and family matters.
  • Better cleaning of wards and community areas;
  • Revising car parking facilities and lowering the cost.
  • Introducing seating in corridors to allow patients and frail visitors to rest for a moment on their long walks to wards and different parts of the very large hospital.

Thank you.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: UKIP
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Jameel Ahmed Siddiq

Firstly hello!

I am Jameel Siddiq, married father of 4.

I speak 4 languages, write in 3, and read in 3.

Currently I am working at Royal Mail International for nearly 9 years, which employs 2108 people in Langley Slough. DFT Regulated site, it has over 77 nationalities!!!

I am currently Health & Safety CWU Union Rep for the last 2 years, I have achieved so far to date, Levels 1, 2 and 3 certification in Health & Safety and hopefully achieve the NEBOSHH Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety in the near future. I have made many changes at work in regards to facilities, we rely on the paramedics who attend the site on a regular basis and provide a great service. If elected I would fight for first class services for the constituents, members etc. The key is too communicate to the community.

The NHS is the best health service in the world in my opinion and the standards have to be raised. I have also worked at Mars Foods, GSK pharmaceutical & healthcare, Marriott Hotels trained in COSHH to a high standard also Food Hygiene Certificate.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Gian Singh Sihra

Being President of Ramgarhia Sikhs Gurdwara thrice since its formation have been contact with both hospitals on weekly visits regarding well beings of Patients of each wards with Priest wishing their full recoveries. Listening Complaints if any to take up Authority concerned. Member of Save the Children Charity and Aged on twice a week.

Declaration of Interests:
Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Information about The Governors

The hospital's web site at
www.heatherwoodandwexham.nhs.uk/council-of-governors says there are:-

  • 14 elected public Governors
  • 4 elected staff Governors
  • 9 Governors appointed by stakeholder organisations.
  • stakeholder is an American word. Wikipedia suggests these meanings = a third party temporarily holding money or property while its ownership is determined & "those groups without whose support the organisation would cease to exist". The Slough Times wonders what the correct English word is.

    Total 27

Slough Times research reveals Wexham Park bosses can not add-up. According to the hospital's official list of the hospital governors at www.heatherwoodandwexham.nhs.uk/register-of-governors we counted

  • 13 public governors
      1. South Bucks : 3

        Windsor & Maidenhead : 3

        Bracknell : 3

        Slough : 3

        'Outer catchment areas' : 1

  • 4 staff governors
  • 7 appointed governors
      1. Bucks County Council
      2. Bracknell Unitary Authority
      3. Slough Unitary Authority
      4. Windsor & Maidenhead Unitary Authority
      5. Chiltern area GPs Clinical Commissioning Group
      6. Berkshire East area GPs Clinical Commissioning Group
      7. Age Concern Slough & Berkshire East Ltd
  • 1 vacancy
  • Total 25

Only Trust Members can vote for governors. Its free to became a Wexham Park Trust Member. Anyone living in the hospital's catchment area may apply:-

Winner Result

The hospital told the Slough Times today . . . . . .

I can confirm that the results of our latest election will be declared on Friday, 28 February 2014 (or by Monday, 3 March 2014 if there are any checks to be made on the tallies).