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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Slough Council persecutes more Slough motorists

Council traffic warden breaks the law whilst ticketing residents parked at home

Photographs from a passing motorist
Undercover traffic warden's car

Living in Slough is dreadful and stressful enough without the local Labour council victimising residents for owning a car.

Not everyone can afford to buy a house with off-street parking as possessed by all of Slough's wealthy Labour councillors include council boss Cllr Rob Anderson (Britwell ward) and his deputy Cllr James Swindlehurst (Cippenham Green ward).

Traffic warden's car parked while handing-out tickets

A motorist driving along Oatlands Drive photographed a uniformed Slough Borough Council traffic warden park his car on the pavement, at the junction with Mildenhall Road, next to double yellow lines where Slough Borough Council has banned parking.

The council's traffic warden was driving an undercover car, registration LR10 RZZ.

Normally Slough's energetic, enthusiastic and heartless traffic wardens hand-out £70 fines to motorists who park on pavements next to double yellow lines.

However because Labour councillors want to show the public who is the boss, Labour has given their traffic wardens permission to break the rules while they issue expensive parking fines to motorists who have no other place to park.

Labour councillors do not care about local people

Slough's Labour mafia, as they are sometimes known, instructed council staff to target motorists including those lacking adequate parking facilities. They also target elderly grandmother motorists for non-offences.

Worse of all, Slough Council persecutes severely disabled motorists for very minor and very temporary parking infringements.

Slough Council has put their traffic wardens in plain unmarked cars so they can sneak-up on unsuspecting motorists.

Motorists have to pay for Labour's pay rise

A few years ago Labour councillors, including Cllr Rob Anderson and Cllr James Swindlehurst, voted themselves a massive 46% pay rise. Now those same Labour councillors expect Slough's motorists to pay for Labour's lavish 46% pay-rise.

The motorists' misery includes vehicles damaged by Labour's flood of speed humps, road platforms and traffic cushions.

Labour councillors just do not care, but at election times they will bang on motorists front doors whilst pretending all the misery is nothing to do with them, the Labour councillors, who run the motorists-hating Slough Council.

Having a car, even a modest second-hand car, is essential for many people. Local buses are infrequent, usually late and expensive. Often there are no direct bus routes, or railway routes, to places where people work, so without a car people can not get to their work.

Instead of creating suitable off-road parking areas for residents, Labour councillors deliberately closed down off-street parking and gave the land away free or for a nominal sales price of £1 to private landlords to build more houses for new arrivals - not for the people who have been on the council's housing waiting list for many years.

Slough is already vastly overcrowded

Labour are obsessed with packing more and more people into already critically overcrowded Slough.

Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart has campaigned to bring-in more and more people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh whilst knowing how over-crowed Slough is.

Fifi, as MP MacTaggart is also called, knows the local hospital can not cope and Slough has serious shortages of doctors, dentists, schools, accommodation, police and fire-fighting equipment.

Stop persecuting motorists who have no other place to park.