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Monday 21 April 2014

Crisis hospital's directors threaten hospital governors

Wexham Park's top bosses launch major cover-up attempt

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
A hospital sign encrusted with dirt • difficult for patients and visitors to read

In an astonishing outburst, Wexham Park Hospital's directors have threatened the hospital's governors telling them, in polite language, to

shut-up and don't tell the public or else get kicked-out.

Influential hospital directors, thought to be behind this latest attempt to prevent the public knowing about a whole series of alarming hospital blunders, are angry that a 5 year long scandal has been revealed to patients and to their families.

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Instead of improving conditions at Wexham Park Hospital, the directors have started a witch-hunt to discover how the press discovered that human tissues, human bones and other transplant materials were wrongly stored at too high temperatures and the hospital's record keeping was appallingly bad and, on some occasions, non-existent.

Refusing to apologise to the public, who pay their excessively high salaries and perks, a group of hospital directors are desperately trying to fool the public that everything at Wexham Park Hospital is perfect and wonderful.

The Slough Times believes the directors involved in the hospital's latest cover-up attempt are likely to be acting chief executive Grant MacDonald and the hospital's chief spin doctor, director of corporate affairs, Thomas Lafferty. The Slough Times is awaiting both men's comments.

Senior management are personally responsible for a long list of reputation damaging NHS inspection reports including filthy conditions, lack of care for vulnerable patients and bungled operations. Surprisingly Thomas Lafferty's Directorate of Corporate Affairs employed a self-styled Reputation Management Expert - how this is helping the public get improved clinical treatment and better care, the Slough Times does not know.

The astonishing threat to the hospital governors' independence was made by hospital director's chairman Mike Donovan. Mr Donovan, a pleasant person, is thought to be susceptible to pressure from the hospital's full-time directors keen to keep hospital scandals off their C.V.s.

Leading Governor Paul Henry's voluntary intervention to keep hospital scandals secret, prompts the Slough Times to wonder whether Mr Henry is really an Independent Governor acting in the public's best interest.

Email from Chairman of Wexham Park's Directors

Date: 16 April 2014
Subject: E-Mail to Governors

Message from the Chairman

Dear Governor,

I am writing today to all Governors to remind you of the requirement to respect the confidentiality of information given to you in your capacity as Governor.

A recent story in the Slough Observer relating to a serious incident referred to information that had been circulated to Governors. Serious incidents are discussed in private because they can often contain confidential information relevant to individuals.

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I must therefore remind you that the Minutes you receive from Private Board sessions are strictly private and confidential. They are circulated to the Board and Governors only and are not for discussion with other parties.

The covering e-mail that accompanies these minutes reminds Governors of their commitment under the Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital Code of Conduct for Governors which states

All Governors are required to respect the confidentiality of information that they are made privy to as a result of their membership of the Council of Governors.

Governors should note that the leaking of confidential information, if substantiated, can lead to a decision by the Council of Governors to remove a governor from the Council.

Please do get back to me if you have any queries in relation to the above.

Mike O'Donovan

HWPH Notice:

Recipients should be aware that all emails sent and received by this Trust are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and therefore may be disclosed to a third party, subject to the requirements of the DPA and confidentiality of patient information.

Please inform us if this message has gone astray - before deleting it - by emailing mailto:it_feedback@hwph-tr.nhs.uk with RETURN as the subject-line.

Email from the Chairman's little helper

From: Paul Henry
Date: 16 April 2014
To: (the Governors)
Cc: 'Mensa-Bonsu Kwame (RD7) HWPH-TR Corporate Affairs Officer'
Subject: RE: E-Mail to Governors


It has taken the Governors many years to build up the level of trust that the Chairman and Board of the Trust have in our us. We are privy to much more information that they are legally required to provide us. This trust has been earned because we have consistently shown that confidential information has been kept confidential. There has never, up to now, been a case where information, marked as confidential, has been leaked - and certainly not to the press.

Apart from Governors the information in question was know only to a very few senior mangers in the trust and the route that the information took points to it being a Governor who leaked it.

I suspect that, if this occurs again, the Trust will regard Governors as not secure and will cease to provide us with the additional information we have, in the meantime, had the benefit of.

I cannot underline the Chairman's words enough - all of us must treat information that is not in the Public Domain as confidential to the trust and the Governors.

Kind Regards,


Paul Henry
Lead Governor
Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust
Wexham Park Hospital
Slough SL2 4HL

Mulberry House
Holtspur Close

T: 01494 677268
M: 07770 793579
E: xxxxx@thehenrys.eu
E: xxxxx@nhs.net

It is important for the public to know:-

  • No patient details were revealed.
  • The hospital directors intentionally alerted the public when they issued their press statement.
  • The public have a fundamental Right to know what is happening at their local NHS hospital funded by their taxes.
  • Hospital cover-ups are NOT in the public's best interests.
  • The hospital's press statement claimed there is nothing to worry about;
    the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) said it was a serious event and the hospital's chairman's email stated it was a serious incident --- How can something serious be nothing to worry about ?

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