Monday, 20 May 2019
Monday, 6 May 2014

Welcome to Britwell : Awesome Neglect & Decay

A Labour electoral ward in Labour-controlled Slough Borough Council

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Slough Council Officers & Labour Councillors frequently pass this council bungalow.

Vote chasing Labour ignore this appalling public disgrace for more than 2 years.

Labour Leader Cllr Rob Anderson, a councillor for 17 years and the top boss of Slough Borough Council for 9 years, does not see this as he walks pass it. Cllr Pavitar Mann, the executive Labour councillor in charge of badly failing Children's Services, does not see it either.

The third Labour local election candidate, Cllr Martin Carter from Burnham, also does not see it. It is amazing how this public eyesore can be invisible to Labour councillors but visible to the general public.

Should these 3 senior Labour councillors go to Spec Savers and request double-strength glasses ?

Situated on a busy main road with frequent buses passing-by, some to Heathrow, has made no difference to the Labour-run council's determination to do absolutely nothing.

Labour pay Slough Council chief executive Ruth Bagley £40,000 a year more than the United Kingdom's Prime Minister gets.

The Prime Minister gets £142,500 a year for two jobs (MP £66,396 and Prime Minister £86,104) while Slough Council's chief executive gets £186,00 a year for one job. Source

Regrettably Mrs Bagley seems unable to motivate, inspire and direct her council staff to tackling, rather than ignoring, unacceptable and deliberate neglect of council owned housing like this appallingly bad example.

Instead Mrs Bagley has been involved with Labour supported campaigns such as Proud to be Slough, speaking at a property developers' conference in her capacity as council chief executive and visiting China, all expenses paid, with Cllr Rob Anderson last year and again this year - to improve Slough.

The Slough Times has yet to see beneficial Chinese results in Britwell or in Northborough or anywhere else in Slough.

How can anyone genuinely be Proud to be Slough with deliberate council neglect like this ?

The Slough Times believes Slough Borough Council's neglect, and the council's continuing daily acceptance of this conspicuous neglect, proves beyond any doubt Slough Council is in crisis.

With government-appointed inspectors investigating the council's badly failing Children's Services, after 3 years of dreadful and alarming OFSTED reports, and many more examples of public failures, Slough's political masters, the Labour Party, are unfit, and unwilling, to act in the public's best interests.