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Friday, 16 May 2014

Election candidates demand better community facilities

Lets have an outdoors gym for Britwell & Northborough

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

In the peaceful, and compared to Britwell and Northborough idyllic, park atmosphere, nearby Burnham Park has a lot to offer its local inhabitants.

The outdoor gym equipment is regularly used by the residents of both Britwell and Northborough over the council border in Labour controlled Slough.

Burnham Park is situated on Slough's north-west border. Its is immediately north of Slough's Priory Estate and immediately north-west of the Five Points road junction. It is also at the bottom end of Burnham High Street.

Three hardworking candidates contesting council elections in the newly formed ward of Britwell & Northborough, have one clear message for Labour-run Slough Council:

If Burnham can have this, why not Britwell & Northborough ?

Labour Party standards, especially in Slough, are always noticeably lower.

Rather than offer the residents of socially and economically deprived Britwell and Northborough areas a useful, healthy and sensible facility like this free outdoors gym available to all - young and old - Labour controlled Slough think free trips to China, all expenses paid, for Labour supporters - in 2013 and again in 2014 - are more worthy recipients of the Public's cash than an outdoors gym.

Rather than simply implementing an outdoors gym facility, like the one in Burnham Park, Slough would gleefully employ a series of expensive, and usually unimpressive, consultants to write reports, attending multiple meetings and arrange discussions about discussions about the possibility of giving the public an outdoors gym. Then Slough Council would proclaim, with a flood of crocodile tears, they have no money but omit to confess they spent 4 or 5 times the gym costs on their unnecessary time-wasting frivolous bureaucracy.

The Slough Times disagrees with Cllr Rob Anderson (Council Leader) and Cllr James Swindlehurst (Deputy Council Leader) choice of Slough priorities.


Slough is no longer a Chartered Borough although Labour clings to the town's previous title of Slough Borough Council. Labour abolished from the council's stationery, street signs and public buildings signs, the town's once famous and well-respected coat-of-arms and motto To Serve with Honour (a really impossible task for all bribe takers).