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Wednesday, 16 July 2014
Updated: Wednesday 30 July 2014

Conservative Neglect Endangers Public

Bucks Council Council too lazy to repair deep potholes - Slough Times demands action

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Motorcyclists and bicyclists are being warned to take extra care when journeying to and from Burnham Beeches via Crow Piece Lane and Walton Lane.

Walton Lane is a turning-off the northern side of the busy Farnham Lane. It joins Crow Piece Lane at the spot Bucks County Council blocked-off the southern end of Crow Piece Link which intersected Farnham Lane to become Calbroke Road in Slough. The northern end of ancient and historic Right-of-Way Crow Piece Lane joins Burnham Beeches southern perimeter road, Hawthorn Lane.

Deep potholes in these Farnham Royal public roads have been ignored by Conservative-controlled Buckinghamshire County Council's Highway Authority.

It is putting people's lives at risk

a passing car driver told the Slough Times.

Its everywhere you go. They don't care a damn. If a motorbike or a pedal cycle hit one of these dangerous potholes they could come-off and damage their bike. People could get seriously hurt.

The roads are in South Bucks District, but Bucks County Council's Highway Authority is located 26 miles (circa 42 km) away in Aylesbury.

The roads are very narrow. There are no footpaths so pedestrians must walk in the road. Often rubbish and debris litter the sides of the roads. Overgrowth like stinging nettles and brambles can protrude into the road - stinging and scratching pedestrians including children, who get too near the side of the road. Vehicles have to reverse to let vehicles from the other direction pass.

If that was not bad enough, the roads are unlit at night.

But who cares?

There is a well concealed Gypsy or travellers encampment off Walton Lane.

At the northern end of Crow Piece Lane is another similar encampment - both are long established and one never hears any criticism or adverse comment about them.

One can not imagine these dangerous potholes being ignored in more affluent areas.

We asked the local Member of Parliament, Dominic Grieve (Conservative, Beaconsfield) if he is willing to intervene with Tory Bucks County Council to improve road inspections and road cleaning in this forgotten area.

Mr Grieve responded when replying to potholes outside Wexham Park Hospital. His comments are here

We also asked Bucks County Council the inspection frequency for these roads and a copy of the last inspection report. We are curious how much the council's chief executive gets because that person is ultimately responsible for all the council's failures including the neglect the Slough Times has documented.

Information awaited. Nothing received by 28 July 2014.

We asked the local Bucks County Council councillor, Lin Hazell, why there are so many bad potholes in South Bucks District, when are BCC going to repair the potholes and clean-up all the debris, dirty and grass from the middle of the adjoining road, Allerds Road, neglected and ignored for several years.

Mrs Hazell has been a Bucks County Councillor for area during the last 9 years.

Mrs Hazell refused to comment.

Residents bitterly complain that Bucks County Council's Council Tax is astronomical when compared to other councils. For example, Tory Windsor's is a lot cheaper.

Update 28 July 2014

The first two potholes have been repaired. The third appears covered with gravel, although it may have been filled with tarmac and gravel now covers that repair.

Allerds Road remains neglected with soil and debris in the middle of the single lane road. The abundance of loose gravel creates a driving hazard for motorcyclists.

For at least the last eleven (11) years, the potholes in South Bucks have been much worse than those within the neighbouring Slough area.

If failing Labour-run Slough Unitary Authority (commonly known as SBC) can have less bad potholes than Conservative-run Bucks County Council what evidence exists that Bucks are genuinely making any effort to provide a satisfactory and safe roads service ?

The Slough Times thinks Bucks Tories simply do not care - they are more interested in their inflated egos than in providing proper, fit for purpose, road services. There can be no other conclusions after witnessing continuing, and therefore deliberate, neglect of South Bucks roads for the last 11 years.