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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tory Council put motorcyclists in danger

Outside Wexham Park Hospital, deliberately ignored potholes can cause motorcycle crashes but Bucks Council Council do not care

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

In the main road outside Wexham Park Hospital, long neglected potholes present grave safety risks to all two wheel drivers.

Wexham Street is the name of the road. It is also the name of a small village on that road, north of the hospital.

For many years Conservative-operated Buckinghamshire County Council has ignored the condition of its roads in South Bucks district. Potholes and subsidence escape the Highway Authority's (part of Bucks County Council) attention. Only when the public begin complaining do Bucks County Council ('BCC') awaken from its slumbers and reluctantly visit the area.

Following complaints from motorists, the Slough Times visited one small part of Wexham Street road, between the roundabout (on the hospital's south-west corner) and the hospital's main entrance (Gate 2).

If a motorcycle wheel hits this hole, the rider could be thrown-off their bike.

The Slough Times asks whether Conservative councillors driving cars, which are much less affected by these road defects, is the reason for the constant Tory neglect and indifference about the road safety of motorcyclists and cyclists.

We have asked the BCC councillor for the area, Trevor Egleton, for a comment. On his BCC web page Mr Egleton states:-

The major issues currently in my division are: the repair and maintenance of roads and footpaths

Awaiting comment.

Roadside drain completely blocked means in heavy rain the road can be flooded.

We asked the local Member of Parliament, Dominic Grieve (Conservative, Beaconsfield) if he is content with the disgusting state of the road outside the major acute NHS hospital.

Within a few hours Mr Grieve replied:-

30 July 2014.

Thank you for your e-mails of this morning and of 17 July concerning the condition of the roads in Buckinghamshire.

In fairness to Buckinghamshire County Council it has, as you are probably aware, allocated very substantial extra funds to try and deal with the conditions of the roads. It has also bid for part of the money made available by central government to enhance road repair.

That said, I share your concern that there are roads in South Bucks which are in an unacceptable condition. I am always happy to take up individual examples with the County Council and if there are some you would like to draw to my attention, then please do so.

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 6220

We asked BCC County Council

  1. the highway inspection frequency for this road.
  2. a copy of the last inspection report.
  3. what plans it has to repair the road and make it safe for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Awaiting answers.

More evidence that Buckinghamshire County Council, operated by members of the Conservative Party, simply do not care about the condition of local roads in the South Bucks district.