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Monday, 4 August 2014

Slough Times opens-up bus lanes for motorcyclists

Routine investigation yields amazing results

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Another routine investigation, by the Slough Times into Slough's empty bus lanes prompted Slough Borough Council to reveal the council's signs banning motorcyclists from using bus lanes are wrong. Motorcyclists can use Slough's bus lanes.

The council deliberately concealed the name and the job title of the official who told the Slough Times:-

Motorcycles can use the bus lanes; however, the incorrect signs were put up on site. This will be rectified as part of the works snagging list.

No review required as [motorcycles] already allowed to use bus lanes

The Slough Times asked the local authority to identify the anonymous council worker making the revealing statements. Jane Ward, the Freedom of Information co-ordinator refused, stating:

All FOI responses are sent by and on behalf of Slough Borough Council. If you are in anyway unhappy with the response you can ask for a review.

The bus lane adventure begins

Immediately the news was received at the Slough Times our roving motorcycle reporter jumped on his bike and headed to the empty bus lanes.

The first bus lane was in Farnham Road, south of the railway line extending southwards along the A355 to the Three Tuns crossroads (A4).

Great. Really nice. Driving alone in an empty lane whilst the traffic in the outer lane never moved was a wonderful experience. It is like being a V.I.P.

The next destination was the southbound bus lane in Windsor Road.

The road surface is bumpy. Cars in the outer lane turning left into Herschel Street do not check their mirrors before changing lanes. That is dangerous for motorcyclists and bicyclists using the bus lane.


Then over to Langley to test two westbound lanes in London Road.

At the start of one bus lane, no signs had been erected by Slough Council. The only clue were the words Bus Lane on the road's surface.

The empty bus lanes ensured a smooth stress-free journey. When bus lanes ended, car drivers carelessly failed to check their nearside mirrors.

Absolutely brilliant. Relives stress and reduces journey times. Slough is certainly motorcycle-friendly.

Well done Slough Council.