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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Traffic lights cable ignored for 6+ months

Labour's Anderson & Swindle run Slough Council but refuse road repairs

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

For more than 6 months, Labour's arrogant councillors and their blind highways inspectors appear to be too lazy or too indifferent to repair the uncovered traffic lights induction cables next to one of Slough's most busiest roads.

The Slough Times can see it, despite it being invisible to all of Slough's 42 local councillors, all of Slough's council staff (although some live up to 100 miles away and are very unfamiliar with the neglect dump Slough has become.

The Slough Times has made two visits to council headquarters at 51 Bath Road, Salt Hill, Slough, seeking information about the frequency of road inspections by the council's Highways experts. Each occasion council staff produced excuses for being unable to provide the information. For example:-

  • It will take 2 or 3 days to allocate an Officer to find the information.
  • There is no one in today who knows where the information is.
  • You must submit a Freedom of Information application.
  • We do not know why this public information is not on the council's web site.
  • Put your request in writing. We will accept hand written notes providing it is in writing.

If the council does not know when scheduled highways inspections for defects are due, are the inspections actually happening or are inspection records being falsified ?

Who is in charge of highway maintenance ?

We asked the council which Labour councillor is personally responsible for the Highways Department. Back came the council demand that the Slough Times should submit a Freedom of Information request in writing.

We looked on the council's web site and obtained this list of Labour's executive councillors:-

  1. Cllr Rob Anderson
    Commissioner of Finance and Strategy
  2. Cllr Martin Carter
    Commissioner Community and Leisure
  3. Cllr Sabia Hussain
    Commissioner for Health and Wellbeing
  4. Cllr Pavitar Mann
    Commissioner for Education and Children
  5. Cllr Sohail Munawar
    Commissioner for Social and Economic Inclusion
  6. Cllr Satpal Parmar
    Commissioner for Environment and Open Spaces
  7. Cllr Mohammed Sharif
    Commissioner for Performance and Accountability
  8. Cllr James Swindlehurst
    Commissioner for Neighbourhoods and Renewal

Some council staff say, privately, that the culprit is Swindlehurst, others say it is Carter. A few say it is Parmar. One thing is certain, many council staff do not have clue.

To unveil Labour's best kept secrets, the Slough Times submitted:-

We are now awaiting details from Slough Unitary Authority (the official name for Slough Borough Council).