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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Slough's lazy Labour council refuses to care when pedestrians forced to walk in road

Priority given to Asian men to park vehicles blocking the pavement

In a scene reminiscent of everyday life in Pakistan, where corruption is endemic, Slough's incompetent and corrupt local council continues to ignore repeated public complaints about cars blocking a well-used main pavement into Slough's High Street.

The latest sighting

Cars completely blocking the pavement are forcing pedestrians, including elderly, children and wheelchair users, into a busy road, often with their backs to the approaching traffic.

  • This outrage is constantly happening on the corner of Wexham Road South and Slough High Street.
  • A disabled man complained to Thames Valley Police that he was assaulted when he spoke to shop owners about the deliberate blocking of the pavement.
  • A Slough Times photographer was approached in a menacing manner by a man emerging from the barbers shop who thought everyone has a legal right to block the pavement when parking their car. The man stood in front of the photographer and said Piss Off. (see his photograph)
On the corner of Slough's major shopping centre

Slough Times staff have witnessed uniformed council traffic wardens, officially known as Civil Enforcement Officers, holding a pad of parking tickets, walk past cars completely blocking the pavement at this spot deliberately ignoring the blatantly unlawful obstruction of the public highway.

In the Slough Times opinion something stinks especially when the council's traffic wardens target young mothers taking their children to school and elderly parents baby sitting their grandchildren.

Pavement completely blocked

This 'invisible' total blockage of a public highway, maintainable at the public's expense, has escaped the attention of Thames Valley Police.

WF56 WYA are you proud of your parking?

Slough Unitary Authority's abandonment of its statutory responsible to keep open the public highway is likely to prompt a legal challenge of the council's slovenly and disgraceful behaviour.

On Slough Times Extra (extra.sloughtimes.com) is a large collection of Wexham Road pavement blocking pictures from 1 April 2014 onwards. There is also a link to the full text of a Thames Valley Police press release stating, inter alia:-

Parking on pavements ..... is illegal.

Inconsiderate parking has a huge effect on the safety of pavement users.

We will continue to monitor the situation and respond .....

The road concerned is Alpha Street North on the other side of Slough High Street.

The Slough Times is not suggesting bribes and/or favours have occurred here, because we have no evidence. Never-the-less we inevitably wonder why Slough Borough Council has persistently failed to unblock the pavement.

The United Kingdom Parliament gave Slough Borough Council full and immediate lawful authority (Highways Act 1980) to instantly remove obstructions of the pavement, and other parts of the public highway. Shy, incompetent and lazy Slough Borough Council has decided to ignore its public duty, ignore the injury risks to pedestrians and ignore public protests.


  • This pavement in Wexham Road has been a recognised public highway, open to pedestrian traffic, for more than 120 years.
  • Slough Council's lack of action is permitting a group of Asian men to use the public's pavement as their own private car park.
  • Slough Council know there is no dropped kerb.
  • Slough Council is fully aware no one has a legal right to park on any part of any public highway.
  • Slough Council is fully aware pavements are intended as a safer alternative for pedestrians than walking in the road amongst often fast moving traffic.
  • The speed limit at this spot, is 30 miles an hour. 30 m.p.h. is actually 44 feet per second (13.42m) - a fact remembered from one's school days when our town was officially known as Slough Safety Town.
  • Labour Party councillors decide Slough Council's priorities, policies, actions and behaviour.

Ultimately the responsibility lawfully belongs to:-

  1. The council's chief executive, Ruth Bagley.

    Mrs Bagley joined Slough Council in 2007. She previously worked for a small rural council in Devon. The then Labour government awarded Mrs Bagley with an O.B.E. medal for unspecified 'services to local government'.

    Mrs Bagley has twice been to China, all expenses paid by Slough Council, to try to make Slough a better place. The Slough Times has not noticed any improvements.

    Labour-controlled Slough Council pay Mrs Bagley circa £186,000 annually - £40,000 more than the UK's prime minister receives.

    Mrs Bagley has posed for Labour's Proud to be Slough photographs.

  2. The council's chief councillor, Rob Anderson (Labour).

    Mr Anderson became a Slough councillor in 1997 and the Leader of the Labour group in June 2001. He is universally known for his 'hands-off' management-style.

    Mr Anderson presided over the repeated, dreadful and shocking failings of Slough Council's children's services. The risks and dangers to vulnerable children, caused by incompetence, neglect and disinterest of council staff and of Labour councillors, persuaded the UK government to transfer those important children's responsibilities to an independent trust.

    Mr Anderson spent scare council funds on the hanging of long flags, from poles and lamp posts throughout the council's area, proclaiming Proud to be Slough. The wording was printed sideways designed, it seems, to be read by drunks collapsed on pavements.

  3. The council's deputy chief councillor James Swindlehurst (Labour).

    Mr Swindlehurst became a Slough councillor in 2002 and deputy Labour Leader in June 2004.

    Mr Swindlehurst is known for his arrogance, intellect and for planning viciously nasty attacks on his opponents which Mr Swindlehurst then persuades less intelligent people to implement on his behalf.

    Mr Swindlehurst is an unsuccessful parliamentary election aspirant. He also failed to persuade the voters to elect him to the EU Parliament.

    Mr Swindlehurst enthusiastically endorsed the spending of scare council funds on all those tatty-looking Proud to be Slough flags.

    His greatest achievement in Slough is the totally-unfit for purpose £12 million bus station nicknamed the Slough Slug. He seems to delight in destroying every building older than 20 years. Many long for his overdue departure.

These are the Sluff aristocrats who run the local authority popularly known as Slough Borough Council. Its official title is the Slough Unitary Authority.

The Slough Times has seen no evidence to convincingly suggest any of these powerful aristocrats genuinely care about things like pavement blocking and the potential for serious injury to local pedestrians.

Under the reign of these unimpressive aristocratic rulers, Slough has become an over-crowed soul-less dump devoid of a warm, beating and caring heart.