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Thursday, 6 November 2014
First with the news

Another Slough stabbing : Victim flown to hospital

19 year old attacked by youths & savage dog

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
Police seal-off Odencroft Road

This afternoon at 16:30, Long Readings residents watched in amazement as an emergency ambulance drove into Monksfield Way at the same time as a convey of 4 marked police cars and one unmarked grey estate car, blue lights flashing and sirens sounding, drove at speed into Long Furlong Drive.

More police cars arrived. Residents saw the Air Ambulance make an emergency landing in the Monksfield Way play area at about 16:50.

The victim was described as having potentially life threatening injuries.

With a doctor and paramedic on board, the aircraft flew at 140 miles per hour in a 12 minute flight to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

Later police were seen making door-to-door enquires.

The south end of Odencroft, between the Monksfield junction and Mansfield was cordoned-off with blue and white police tape. Houses on the west side of Odencroft had the same blue and white police tape attached to wheelie bins in their front gardens indicating that the actual road area was the police's primarily interest.

The whole of Mansfield was also cordoned-off.

A marked police van was seen driving around Britwell in the dark. The Slough Times understands this was to reassure the community but with the cuts to neighbourhood policing the reassurance is likely to be dismissed as a poor and ineffective substitute for proper policing for which the community are paying Council Tax. The concept of nipping-crime-in-the-bud before it becomes a major issue has been rejected by Thames Valley Police.

First police statement

At 19:09 the Slough Times asked Thames Valley Police's press office for a statement. There was no response. A statement subsequently appeared on the police's web site timed 19:19.

A 19-year-old man, was approached by three young men with a brown pitbull-style dog in Odencroft Road, Slough.

The victim was bitten by the dog and also sustained injuries which are consistent with stab wounds to his leg and back.

Some residents stated the victim was aged 18 or 19, was of Afro-Caribbean appearance (what the police call 'IC3'), was slashed in the stomach, is locally known as X and is 'well-known' to both the police and to sections of the local community. Two possible surnames were given to the Slough Times. Until we can confirm that information, we are refraining from publishing future details.

A source has confided to the Slough Times that the two road closures overnight, guarded by a minimum of 3 police personnel taken from regular police officers, special police officers and PCSO's, is to preserve the scene for a detailed search during daylight by forensic investigators.

The source added that with police cuts of staff and equipment, the police lacked powerful torches and portable floodlights to examine the crime scene immediately after the victim was taken to hospital.

It started raining about 20:30. The Slough Times hopes the rain has not adversely affected the two crime scenes in Mansfield and in Odencroft.

An elderly resident complained that the police are ineffective about knife crime. The Slough Times remembers Inspector Jon Goosey brushing aside our concerns, and our suggestion for knife bins in Slough.

Update : Friday 7 November

Thames Valley Police issued a middle-of-the-night statement that:-

  • A 16-year-old boy was arrested in Hounslow, Greater London, on suspicion of attempted murder and is currently in custody.
  • The victim .... remains in hospital in a serious condition.

At 15:00 today, the victim's condition was described as critical ill.

Update : Saturday 8 November

A 16 year old boy appeared at Reading Magistrates Court today. He was charged with two criminal offences and remanded in custody to appear at Reading Crown Court on 1 December 2014.

The boy, one of three youths involved in the attack on the 19 year old, has been charged with Offences against the Person Act 1861 (c.100) section 18.

Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously by any means whatsoever wound or cause any grievous bodily harm to any person, with intent, to do some grievous bodily harm to any person, or with intent to resist or prevent the lawful apprehension or detainer of any person, shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof shall be liable to be kept in penal servitude for life

The Crown Prosecution Service's web site shows there are three categories of seriousness. The least serious (category 3) starts with 4 years jail and the most serious (category 1) with 12 years jail. The sentencing guidelines apply to adults, aged 18 and over.

The boy has also been charged with Criminal Justice Act 1988 (c.33) section 139 the Offence of having article with blade or point in public place.

In a Magistrates Court, which hears civil and criminal cases, the maximum punishment is 6 months jail and/or a fine. The boy's case will be heard in a Crown Court, which decides criminal charges too serious for a Magistrates Court. There the maximum punishment is 4 years and/or a fine.

Police enquires are continuing into identifying and locating the other 2 youths and the pitbull-type dog.

At 15:45 today the victim's medical condition was described as serious but stable.

Anyone who knows anything is urged to ring the police on 101 or speak anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800-555 111.

Update : Thursday 20 November

Police have arrested and charged the second of a group of 3 youths involved in the vicious knife and dog attack on a 19 year old in Odencroft. Official sources state the youth was arrested on 19 November in Bridge Street, Maidenhead. Maidenhead police station is located in the same road.

The police statement describes the second arrested person as a 17 year old boy. He has been charged with:-

Thames Valley Police told the Slough Times they have no record of what happened to the second youth at his appearance at Maidenhead Magistrates Court on 20 November 2014.

Update : Saturday 22 November

Thames Valley Police have arrested, charged and detained the third of the 3 youths suspected of involvement in the attack. The third person is an 18 year old male, Keithlyn Fleming of Bideford Spur, Beechwood Estate, Britwell.

Mr Fleming was charged on 20 November with Grievous Bodily Harm with intent as defined in the Offences against the Person Act 1861 (c.100) section 18.

He was detained pending an initial appearance at Slough Magistrates Court on 21 November. The Court remanded him in detention until his first Crown Court appearance at Reading on Monday 1 December 2014.