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Thursday 29 January 2015
Exclusive : Published a day before the rest

Disillusioned Slough Tory Leader joins UKIP

Life-long activist Diana Coad rejects Conservative's aimless ineptitude.

Report by Paul Janik

Slough's political establishment was shaken by the sudden leaking of the planned resignation of Slough Conservative Group Leader Cllr Diana Coad.

Less than 48 hours earlier Mrs Coad attended a periodic meeting of Slough Unitary Authority (commonly known as Slough Borough Council) where she lead her 7 other Tory councillors into battle against Labour's uncaring indifference of the hash treatment by Slough's Labour-controlled Council of elderly, frail and handicapped residents.

Mrs Coad, three times a Conservative Parliamentary candidate, the widow of staunch Tory stalwart Peter Dale-Cough, decided to ditch her Conservative credentials after a long period of unhappiness with Prime Minister David Cameron's leadership and his unimpressive national policies.

It is thought Mrs Coad and regional UKIP representatives made covert arrangements several weeks earlier about her intended defection. Nothing was to be formerly announced until a letter, printed by UKIP, appeared in the letterboxes of St Mary's ward explaining Diana Coad's defection to UKIP.

The leaflet distribution is likely to occur this coming weekend, Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February 2015.

Labour still dominate Slough

Diana Coad's defection to UKIP leaves Labour still in control with 33 Labour councillors from a total of 42 councillors.

The 7 Conservative councillors are:-

  • Frank Abe, St Mary's
  • Rayman Bains, Upton
  • Waljinder 'Wal' Chahal, Upton
  • Rajinder Sandhu, Upton (former Labour councillor)
  • Dexter Smith, Colnbrook
  • Wayne Strutton, Haymill
  • Anna Wright, Haymill

The 2 UKIP councillors are:-

  • Diana Coad, St Mary's (former Conservative councillor)
  • Andrew Mellor, Haymill

Will Tories & UKIP unite to fight Labour in ward ?

Rumours have been circulating for several months that Conservatives and UKIP will discretely 'divide' Slough into election zones and agree on only one of the political parties aggressively fighting Labour locally in some wards.

In St Mary's ward Labour's new and inexperienced candidate Karnail Singh Sidhu is seeking re-election. The UK government's decision to hold national and local elections on the same day could effectively sabotage opposition plans.

Will Diana become UKIP's parliamentary candidate ?

South Bucks electrician Ken Wight from Stoke Poges/Wexham originally Slough UKIP chairman was also UKIP's Maidenhead PPC (prospective parliamentary candidate). However something happened and Mr Wight lost the Maidenhead position and the Slough chairmanship but became UKIP's Slough PPC - then a totally unattainable seat for UKIP.

However there is a growing feeling that Diana Coad, with her considerable experience of being a PPC three times combined with the growing strength of the UKIP brand-name could make a much stronger challenge to Labour's wealthy multi-millionairess Fiona MacTaggart at this year's national election.

It is known Diana Coad was unimpressed by Slough Tories importing an elderly orthodox Sikh from Southall as their PPC. It is unlikely Moslems, whites and others will enthusiastically vote for a complete stranger from Southall. However the Diana Coad brand-name has much more appeal to voters from all parts of Slough. It could become an exciting parliamentary election.

Diana Coad becomes UKIP's 100th Slough member

UKIP's current Slough chairman Steve Gillingwater told the Slough Times

I welcome Diana to the UKIP fold.

Diana is our 100th Slough member. Diana will be a great asset to UKIP because she brings many skills and her passion to put things right.

UKIP is the only party to offer true democracy.