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Friday, 27 March 2015

Crazy council hides bus times from passengers

More negligence from indifferent, uncaring Slough Council

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Welcome to Langley

After spending nearly £500,000 of Council Tax payers' money on unwanted and senseless change after change after change outside the Harrow at the junction of Langley Road and High Street, the council's buffoons have decided to change the bus stop outside the college.

Labour-run Slough Council whose motto appears to be:-

No one can do it as badly as us

decided to tell bus drivers where they should stop to pick-up passengers. So it painted a big oblong box on the road, surrounded with wide yellow lines, containing the words BUS STOP.

Bungling bosses, who seem to spend most of the day drinking coffee and wondering how to waste even more of resident's money, then decided - as an afterthought - they should erect a new bus stop sign on the pavement.

The Slough Times measured the gap. It's 49 feet (15 metres).

Council bosses, too embarrassed to admit they should pop-into Spec Savers and have their eyes tested, courageously drew a mark on the map for the new bus stop sign. Their sight must be really appalling because there is now a gap of 49 feet (15 metres) between the bus stop sign and where the passengers get on the bus.

It is not an optical illusion. There really is a 49 feet gap.

If any intending bus passengers have left their telescopes and binoculars at home, this is what the new bus stop sign looks like.

The Slough Times warns bus passengers NOT to telephone the rip-off 0871 telephone number. Sources told the Slough Times inside Langley College is a list of bus times for students, staff and visitors.

Where are the bus stop seats and shelter ?

Passers-by and waiting bus passengers complained to the Slough Times that slovenly, indifferent and uncaring Slough Council had not erected seats for the elderly, disabled and frail passengers to rest their weary limbs whilst waiting for buses and there is no shelter from the rain.

The Slough Times dreads to think that council bosses, with shockingly bad eyesight, might have told the workers to install the seats and shelter in Cippenham by mistake. Not living in Slough, most council bosses probably think Cippenham is another name for Langley Harrow.

The bus arrives

The expensive electronic display is invisible from the buses' stopping place.

Slough Council bosses who go to China to make Slough a better place - all costs and expenses paid by Slough's Council Tax payers - keeps boasting of excellence. Is this really another example of Slough Council's excellence ?

Shy and embarrassed council bosses refuse to say why the sign is 49 feet away from where buses actually stop. They cannot explain why the electronic display is hidden away on the wrong side, invisible to waiting passengers.

More negligence from an indifferent, uncaring council

A closer look at the electronic display reveals a label carelessly stuck over the bus times.

The sticker says "East Berkshire College". The council cares so little about Langley, it did not bother removing the sticker.