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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Illegal kebab van prevents motorcycles and taxis parking

Slough Council dismissively ignoring complaints

Slough High Street (West) Friday 27 March 2015 18:15 hours

Slough Unitary Authority, headed by chief executive Ruth Bagley O.B.E., again demonstrated its astonishingly dishevelled management of the town's public administration.

Repeated re-organisations of staff functions and responsibilities by Mrs Bagley, mingled with expensive, loss-making privatisations of council services by chief councillor Rob Anderson (Labour, Britwell) has produced the current farce where Slough Council staff encourage a street trader to break parking restrictions with impunity.

Ordinary motorists blocking designated parking bays would receive fines but not the kebab van. Traffic wardens from international company Vinci (another loss-making privatisation) always ignore this parking violation.

Opposite the 1974 Robert Taylor public library in Slough High Street (West) is a parking bay reserved for motorcyclists during the day and for taxis in the evening.

As early at 18:05 on weekday evenings, a van pulling a kebab trailer fully blocks the marked motorcycles parking bay. Motorcyclists have no nearby alternative parking place.

Slough Council is a Highway Authority. But dishevelled Slough Council has 'accidentally' lost parts of its Highways operations. No one at the public services monopoly knows exactly what a properly run Highways Authority should be doing.

The council's Licensing Authority, which controls the sale of alcoholic drinks in shops and pubs, authorised the kebab van to break the law and block the marked parking bay - despite the clearly displayed traffic sign baning all parking except for motorcycles and taxis.

This minor matter is symptomatic of a much more substantial problem. Slough Council is glaringly unfit for purpose.

Under 30 years of Labour management, Slough has become a full-time disaster.

The Labour-run council's publicity campaign Proud to be Slough fools less and less people as the public experience the dreadful mess affecting their lives.

With no political opposition Labour, having 33 of the current 42 councillors, is simply too arrogant to care.