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Lidl to drag frightened staff to court over unpaid £90 parking fine for driving to work

The latest scandal at Lidl's Farnham Road Supermarket

Report and photographs by Slough Times staff
Cheap prices marred by German management's Nazi-style arrogance

A hard-working mother of two young children, sometimes pressured to work overnight, has been threatened by Lidl with court action over FIVE £90 parking fines for driving the family car to work at Lidl's Farnham Road store.

Whilst working as a cashier/cleaner/shelf-stacker - work all lower-paid staff are expected to do at the busy store - Lidl sent the lady frightening £90 payment demands FIVE TIMES because Lidl say her car overstayed an unknown maximum waiting time of 90 minutes.

Appeals to the store's top management resulted in unwritten assurances Lidl would cancel £450 of fines. Now Lidl has broken its promise and threatened its own hard-working staff member with being dragged to court for non-payment.

The anxious and upset worker did not complain to the Slough Times. We were alerted by concerned friends, neighbours and a few customers who overheard the shocking details of the latest Lidl scandal.

A Lidl worker's father told the Slough Times:-

Lidl are a law unto themselves.

It is demoralising when this happens to one of the town's lowest-paid employees. They should join USDAW, the shop-workers union, but Lidl hates Unions and the workers fear losing their jobs if they upset Lidl.

Several well respected staff have been unfairly fired in contentious circumstances; others have left. Its sad to see good workers go.

In 1997 Lidl brought the land on which the well-known landmark, and always very busy, The George public house stood. Slough MP Fiona MacTaggart wrote to Slough Council protesting against the Lidl supermarket proposal.

In September this year, Lidl started charging motorists £90 for leaving their cars in its car park for longer than 90 minutes.

Lidl's in-store workers, and well as unsuspecting Lidl customers, started receiving aggressive and frightening Civil Parking Charge Notices posted to their private home addresses demanding £90.

The notices were sent by Lidl's sub-contractor Athena ANPR Limited whose September 2014 company accounts show its sole director and sole shareholder, 42 years old Richard Lyons, appears to have made over £1 million annual shareholder profits from, the Slough Times believes, sending-out £90 payment demands to generally the poorer sections of local communities.

Athena chose not to publish a full set of accounts so more in-depth details are unavailable.

Background notes

German company Lidl, privately owned by just one old man, Dieter Schwartz, with a fortune estimated at $21 billion, is known for its hash treatment of lowly paid staff including cutting the night shift hourly rate by £1 and renaming the long 19:00 to 06:00 (7 p.m. - 6 a.m.) all night shift the evening shift.

In the past Polish workers at this store were threatened with dismissal for speaking among themselves in their native Polish language.

Lidl in the United Kingdom is run from the south-western German district of Neckarsulm, population circa 33,000 people, a suburb of the town of Heilbronn-am-Neckar, by a German registered company Lidl UK GmbH. This company is recorded in British records as a foreign company number FC 017929.

To prevent Lidl workers in Britain benefiting from superior German employment conditions - that shame the UK - Lidl UK GmbH use a £2 company, Lidl Limited, to employ all the lower waged staff which prevents them experiencing the high German employment standards. Senior Lidl staff told the Slough Times they are employed by Lidl UK GmbH and enjoy the better benefits given to German workers.

Is Lidl's car park operation legal ?

The Slough Times has been told a legal challenge to Lidl's shameful extortionate £90 parking fines is on the way.

Lidl continues targeting Slough's poor with £90 fines

Quote from inside Lidl's car park by a woman packing her shopping away into an old car:-

People who can afford to pay £90 parking fines do not shop at Lidl.