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Monday, 12 October 2015

For 2 years Slough Council pays roads inspectors to ignore traffic lights potholes

Blind or lazy staff or should Labour-shambles send council workers to SpecSavers ?

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
Montrose Avenue traffic lights, 11 October 2015.

In September 2013, more than 2 years ago, the Slough Times spotted the lose traffic lights cables laying on the road in Montrose Avenue, outside Sainsbury's supermarket. One cable was broken. Two potholes could clearly be seen - but only if one opened one's eyes.

Thinking Slough Unitary Authority, the real title of wasteful and failing Slough Borough Council, would soon repair the conspicuous potholes, a few metres (or yards) from the busy Farnham Road, the Slough Times waited.

5 months later in February 2014, Slough Council were still ignoring these invisible potholes, so the Slough Times began photographing them every few months as evidence of Slough Council's persistent neglect and its deliberate refusal to repair the roads.

On 30 July 2015, the Council's Highways told the Slough Times:-

  • The council's Highways inspect Montrose Avenue every 6 months.
  • The council's inspection in done by walking along the road.
  • The council's inspector has a digital camera.
  • The council's inspector reports any congestion in the road.
  • The council's inspector reports on car parking in the road.
  • The council's inspector reports all faded yellow and white lines.
  • The council's inspector looks at the traffic lights and reports defects.
  • The council's inspector reports all defective street lights.
[SOLA 011630]

Is Labour-run Slough Council lying again ?

The Slough Times can not understand why Montrose Avenue is in a disgusting and neglected condition if the council had truthfully been checking the surface of this road regularly for the last 2 years and 1 month.

Critics are humorously asking whether council chief executive Ruth Bagley, annual salary package £186,000, will claim the potholes were made by alien space invaders when the council was not looking.

Opposition councillors say it is time for the council to make a sincere public apology to the citizens of Slough for taking their money and not doing the job.

However those who know Slough Council, know that this Labour-run local authority has had a no blame policy for more than 20 years. No one at the council ever takes the blame and council bosses never ever apologise.

If anyone is wrong, then it is always the public at fault; never ever the council.

Montrose Avenue traffic lights, 11 October 2015.

The responsible Labour politicians running ('ruining' ?) Slough are council leader Rob Anderson (Britwell East) and deputy leader James Swindlehurst (Cippenham West / Cippenham Green). Together these arrogant public clowns are responsible for the £12 million Slug bus station and other money wasting disasters blighting the lives of ordinary people throughout Slough.

Montrose Avenue traffic lights, 11 October 2015.

Around the bend in Montrose Avenue are more examples of council neglect.

Are council bosses spending pothole repair money on another all-expenses-paid trip to China ?

The Slough Times has asked the council for copies of all Montrose Avenue inspection reports since 1 September 2013.