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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lidl imposes £1,980 parking fines on its £8 per hour store worker.

Cashier gets 22 separate £90 fines plus Court threat whilst working flat-out at the German-run supermarket.

Report and photographs: Slough Times staff

Lidl, a large part of the USD $80 billion Schwarz Group owned by a single man elderly Dieter Schwarz of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, demonstrated its professional incompetence and uncaring disregard for its staff's welfare when it recently introduced highly contentious and legally questionable parking fines for Lidl shoppers, Lidl staff and for families collecting Lidl staff from work.

Lidl, universally known as a Trades Unions hater, and a harsh employer ordering staff to cancel their family holidays to suite Lidl's convenience, introduced £90 parking fines at their Farnham Road, Slough, store in September this year.

There have been multiple instances of questionable evidence produced by Athena ANPR Ltd, Lidl's parking contractor. Victims of Lidl's £90 parking fines imposed on motorists being in Lidl's car park for less than 3 minutes in total, say its resembles a criminal fraud.

Closed but Lidl staff work all night cleaning and refilling shelves

In the latest scandal a woman cashier, mother of two young children, received 5 parking fines several weeks ago. Lidl promised to cancel them. This has not happened. Then on Wednesday this week Royal Mail delivered an avalanche of 17 more £90 parking fines.

All the parking fines relate to times when the cashier was employed by Lidl and working in Lidl's Farnham Road store doing work assigned to her by Lidl. The lady's crimes were she drove the family car to Lidl and left it in the car park during her shift. Other Lidl personnel received Lidl parking fines but never as many as the 22 presently burdening this hard-working Lidl employee.

The Slough Times got this latest news from the cashier's very concerned friends who are appalled at the way Lidl is treating their highly valued and respected friend. Inevitably the great worry and considerable stress imposed by Lidl's massive £2,000 parking fine (more than 7 week's pay) is being critically discussed. Shoppers told the Slough Times they are shocked by Lidl's behaviour.

The Slough Times has asked both Lidl and Athena for their explanations. The Lidl spokesman preferred talking about Lidl being the first supermarket in the UK paying the so-called 'living wage' of £8.20 per hour from 1 October. The spokesman confirmed Lidl's previous statement that Lidl's car parking contracts with Athena are organised by Lidl's computer department ('IT').

A different Lidl source told the Slough Times that for every parking ticket Lidl cancels, Lidl is contractually obliged to pay Athena £16. The source hinted Lidl may hesitate to pay Athena £352 for this latest scandal.

Despite repeated requests, Athena refused to say anything. Athena was even unwilling to give the Slough Times its office's opening hours.

We examine Lidl's parking fines evidence (collected by Athena) in our next Lidl report.