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Monday, 23 November 2015

Armed robbery at Britwell Co-op

Fleeing crooks drop some stolen cash

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

On Friday evening, 20 November 2015, two armed robbers escaped with cash but dropped some when pursued.

At circa 21:10 hours, two male raiders in 'hoddies' and with their faces hidden by scarfs, entered the Co-op. One raider had a hand gun, the other something resembling a chisel. The also carried a plastic bag.

They threatened Co-op staff demanding cash. They used the 'chisel' to smash open a till.

After stuffing the plastic bag with stolen cash, a scuffle with staff ensured.

As the robbers ran out of the store, the gun's handle fell-off and some cash spilled-out of their plastic bag.

An off-duty Met police officer saw the robbers running-out of the Co-op and jump on their bikes. As they started peddling away, the officer chased them for some time. One of the robbers appeared to have collided with a car, then abandoned his bike and ran off. The police officer eventually lost them.

The Britwell Co-op is in a small parade of 7 new shops on the north side of Kennedy Park, next to the Long Furlong roundabout, at the southern end of Wentworth Avenue.

The attackers picked a good time for their raid when Neighbourhood policing has closed down for the weekend and police were concentrating all their reduced efforts on Slough's town centre.

The robbers were described as:

  • white
  • male
  • in their twenties
  • one wore a black hoodie with a scarf over his face
  • the other wore a grey hoodie with a scarf over his face
  • one was riding a distinctive-looking gold coloured mountain bike
  • the other was riding a bright green BMX bike, red handlebars. red pedals

If anyone knows anything or if anyone thinks they can help please call 101 or 01865-84 11 48.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Peter Wall of the force-wide CID said:

This was shocking for the staff members who were threatened with what at first appeared to be a gun but may have been an imitation firearm.

It was fortunate no innocent member of the public was hurt during this incident.

We would like to thank the off-duty officer from another force who bravely helped gain evidence for our investigation. Anyone who saw this incident or recognises the bikes from the description is asked to contact us.

We’d also like to speak to anyone who saw a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle around that time and place and also we’d like to speak to the driver of that vehicle.

Update : Monday 23 November 2015

On 22 November 2015, two days after the raid, police arrested two 33 year-old Slough men on suspicion of robbing the Britwell Co-op.

Because police lack enough evidence to charge the men, the men have been released on police bail until 31 December 2015.