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Monday, 28 December 2015
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2 a.m. Salt Hill Park Savagery

Public warned 'be careful' as viciously attacked woman hospitalised

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
Police car outside a large cordoned-off area of the park

Police are investigating a savage attack on a woman in Slough's Salt Hill Park in the middle of the night.

The unnamed woman, in her thirties, was very seriously hurt. The lady's injuries are so terrible she remains in hospital for further treatment.

The suspected attacker was described as:-

  • white
  • around 5ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall
  • fat
  • dark hair
  • blue jeans
  • black jacket

The attack happened early this morning (Monday 28 December) in Salt Hill Park, near a bend in the footpath on the Town Hall side of the park's café. It seems the unfortunate victim was dragged into the park's bushes bordering the Bath Road pavement where a considerable struggle occurred. The main spot of police interest is directly opposite the vehicular entrance into the former Town Hall.

In the bleak darkness of the crime scene, down a slope at the right-angled bend in the well-lit footpath, can be seen numbered yellow markers placed by police identifying evidence and possible clues to the horrendous crime.

Police officers were on-duty all through the night guarding the crime scene. Meanwhile passers-by on the footpath were totally oblivious to the terrible attack and the potential danger of walking alone through the park at night. Disappointingly there was no attempt by the police officers to ask passers-by if they had seen anything or had any knowledge of the suspected attacker.

The precise time of the barbaric attack is uncertain but thought to be between 02:00 and 03:00 hours earlier today.

The large police cordon extends from the vehicular entrance into the park, including to the café, eastwards to the bus shelter opposite the Town Hall.

The investigation is being lead by Det Sgt Peter Wall based at Maidenhead. Mr Wall said:

This was a vicious attack on a woman, which has left her with severe injuries.

I would urge anyone who may have been in the area and may have seen either a woman walking and being followed, or a man matching the description to contact us immediately.

We are still investigating the exact circumstances surrounding this incident.

There will be an increased police presence in the Salt Hill Park area, and we will be working closely with the community to reassure them.

There is no need to panic or be overly alarmed but we would advise people to walk in pairs or groups at night and stick to well lit areas.

If anyone has any information please call 101 or 01865-84 11 48.

The footpath where the attack occurred is a well used pedestrian route connecting the north-west of Slough with the town centre. It joins the junction of Stoke Poges Lane/Bath Road with Woodland Avenue. It is predominantly used by the less affluent sections of the community unable to afford, or unwilling to spend scarce money on, taxi or Private Hire (mini cabs) fares.

At its Stoke Poges Lane beginning, the path is on the same level as the Bath Road. It then descends a small hill to an isolated area near a stream. The path then turns right and goes southwards through the railway tunnels, where drunks, prostitutes, drug takers and bored teenagers are known to loiter. At the far end of the double railway tunnels, the path goes around the very isolated back of the Sikh Gurdwara (temple) and out on to a quiet residential road, at the junction of Woodland Avenue with Baylis Road, directly opposite an entrance into Baylis Park.