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Monday, 04 January 2016

Pensioner robbed of £1,100 inside Barclays, Queensmere

Police seek couple who distracted pensioner

Report: Paul Janik

On Friday, 27 November 2015, circa 11:40, an elderly woman visited Barclay's Bank in Slough's Queensmere shopping centre.

The lady used the cash dispenser inside the bank, not the ones outside, and typed-in her pin number. Then she was suddenly distracted by a man and a woman who told her there was something wrong with the cash dispenser.

When the lady looked again at the cash dispenser, she immediately noticed her bank card had disappeared without trace. So too had the unknown couple who had just spoken to her.

Shortly afterwards £1,100 was taken from the lady's bank account using her stolen bank card.

Police wish to chat to the couple (pictured above) who spoke to the lady while she was using the cash machine. If anyone has any information please ring the police on 101 quoting Barclay's, Queensmere, Slough on 27 November 2015.