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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Young thug robbers get combined 18.1/2 years

Society misfits lack remorse for gratuitously violent street robberies
More worrying evidence of Slough's decline

Photographs: Thames Valley Police

In sickening and shameful unprovoked attacks on people in the streets, 4 young thugs (one, a 17 year-old, too young to be legally named) were jailed at Reading Crown Court on Friday 15 January.

Mr Sibtain Kiyani, of Lerwick Drive, off Granville Avenue, Manor Park, aged 20, was jailed for 4.1/2 years for attacks 'B' and 'C'.

Mr Mustafa Ahmed, of Lerwick Drive, Manor Park, aged 18, was jailed for 5.1/2 years for attacks 'A', 'B' and 'C'.

Mr Haider Anwar, of Crayle Street, off Long Readings, Britwell, aged 18, was jailed for 4.1/2 years for attacks 'B' and 'C'.

The anonymous 17 year-old of unknown address was jailed for 4 years for attacks 'A', 'B' and 'C'.

Attack 'A'

On the evening of Wednesday 13 May 2015, a 21-year-old male cyclist in Farnham Road was approached by the thugs and assaulted. The cyclist fell-off his bicycle. As the cyclist lay on the ground the thugs assaulted him again rendering him unconscious.

When the cyclist awoke he managed to cycle home. At home he discovered his mobile phone and his wallet were missing. The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

Attack 'B'

Circa 05:00 on Thursday 14 May 2015, a 44-year-old man in Whitby Road, Slough, was approached and asked for a cigarette but did not have any. The thugs then assaulted the man and stole his mobile phone.

Attack 'C'

Circa 05:34 on that same Thursday morning (14 May 2015), a 36-year-old man was walking home from work via the Cinder Track, near Beaumont Road, Slough, when the thugs assaulted and robbed him.

Police comment

Thames Valley Police's investigating officer, Det Con Tom Digby, said:

I am pleased with the sentences handed out by the court. They reflect the serious nature of the offences, which were characterised by the unnecessary and excessive use of violence, hospitalising two of the victims.

The offences were committed in the course of one night whilst the offenders were out celebrating a birthday and under the influence of alcohol. There appears to be no motivation for their actions other than the 'thrill' of mindless violence.

Their attitudes whilst in police custody and throughout the trial made it clear that they had no remorse for their actions or realisation of the gravity of the offences and the harm they have caused. Hopefully these sentences will change that and drive home to them the seriousness of what they have done.