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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Residents annoyed at Council ignoring fly-tipping

Difficult to contact Council, long delays and unanswered phones

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Unhappy residents have complained to the Slough Times their Labour-run council has not removed the fly-tipping on the grass verge between Slough Trading Estate's northern boundary and Bodmin Avenue.

We try to take care of our area.

a dog walker told us,

But its difficult getting hold of anyone down there. It takes ages to get through that call-centre [operated by German contractor Arvato] and then when you finally get connected there is no one in the office who can do anything.

Another grumpy person said:

We have been complaining to the council for about 5 weeks but the fly-tipping is still there.

A woman asked her rhetorical question:

How can the council boast about excellence in customer services when they never do anything ?

None of the assembled residents answered that pertinent question.

When the Slough Times asked 5 residents if we could quote their names or take their photograph for our article, all refused saying their feared victimisation by Slough's Labour-run council.

In the Slough Times opinion the residents worries about possible council victimisation appeared genuine.

The council refuses to comment, so we are unable to tell you their latest explanation.