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Saturday, 6 February 2016
Updated: 29 February 2016

Slough Council fails to fix toilet seat

Council workman says it needs a specialist plumber

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Slough Council put a family of two adults and three children into a small, dirty and neglected one bedroom flat at Pendeen Court, behind the Earl of Cornwall pub in Cippenham.

Pendeen Court is owned by, and managed by, Slough Unitary Authority ('SUA'), also known by its pre-1998 District Council name of Slough Borough Council.

The tenants moved-in on Wednesday, 6 January 2016.

This was after the council and its contentious Labour Party chosen contractor for all council housing repairs and maintenance, including so-called 'voids' (empty council homes)

Interserve (Facilities Service-Slough) Ltd

had checked the flat to ensure it was in a satisfactory condition. On that occasion both Interserve and the council must have worn very dark sun glasses because the place was filthy.

Conspicuous evidence reveals the council's standards are low despite the council's public claims of Providing excellent customer services is one of the council’s key priorities.. Some may wonder whether Slough Council stole that slogan from a better council.

On Thursday, 7 January, the tenants asked the council when will the toilet seat be fixed. The necessary parts were missing. The council said Interserve will do the work.

On Wednesday, 27 January, three weeks after the tenants moved-in, an Interserve expert arrived then refused to repair or replace the toilet seat. The Interserve expert told the astonished tenants You need to get a plumber to fix the toilet seat. Interserve job 5646471 refers.

Today 10 days later, nothing has happened.

The handicapped husband, currently shuffling around on crutches, is physically unable to fit the toilet seat. Even if he were, the parts are missing.

The tenants have authorised the Slough Times to reveal to the world their flat number. It is number 24 on the first floor above the ground. If Interserve need help finding Cippenham in Slough, Tamarski Way or even Pendeen Court, they should programme their Sat-Navs with postcode SL1 2UP.

The council refused to comment. Therefore the Slough Times have submitted a Freedom of Information request on web site What Do They Know dot com entitled 'SUA Pendeen Court #1'.

Update: 29 February 2016

Slough's Labour-run council installed a new toilet seat.

The council, run by chief executive Ruth Bagley, OBE, refuses to say why the outstanding work had not been done before the council moved-in the tenants or why this simple repair and maintenance job had taken 54 days.

The council's executive councillor for Housing is James Swindlehurst, Labour's deputy leader.