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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Rats enjoy rotting rubbish at Slough Council flats

Rats body heat turns-on automatic lights
Council bosses refuse to comment

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
'No Entry' to the bins room.

Council contractor Amey lost the keys to the external doors of the bins room, say residents, and then failed to collect the rubbish for several weeks. When the dustmen finally arrived to empty the flats' bins, rubbish had overflowed from full-up bins on to the floor.

Declining to collect rubbish bags off the floor, Amey left the emptied metal Euro bins outside the building with the bin room doors wide open attracting rats and urban foxes. Obviously Amey seems to be a wild-life lover.

Because there were no refuse bins in the bin room, residents deposited their bags of domestic household rubbish on the bin room floor. Eventually the pile of rubbish bags extended from inside the bin room into the flats' main corridor.

Because Slough Unitary Authority, the official name for Slough Borough Council, is so preoccupied with fooling the public with repeated claims about Council Excellence whilst enjoying occasion trips to the People's Republic of China (all expenses paid by Council Tax payers) to improve Slough, the council never noticed the problem despite daily visits to the flats.

To make the problem worse, contractor Amey seemed to have "lost" the council's telephone number and so was unable to discuss the problem.

The scene through the bin room's permanently open doors.

The block of 29 council flats is about 4 minutes walk away from the Twinches Lane, Bath Road, shopping centre and behind the Earl of Cornwall pub in Cippenham Lane.

The neglected flats are called Pendeen Court in Tamarski Way, off Weeks Drive, postcode SL1 2UP. According to Land Registry records, the property owner and landlord is a Slough Borough Council.

Equipped with safety boots, bite-proof trousers, thick gloves and a face shield, the Slough Times entered the bins room. Immediately 3 rats, munching on the rubbish, ran away at an astonishingly fast speed. The rats left behind the vast amounts of objectionably smelling ('stinking' actually) rubbish.

The council has replaced all the lights in public areas, except in the washing machine room, with expensive body-heat-detection lights that automatically switch-on overhead lights when a person approaches. The lights' heat sensors are so sensitive, they turn-on the lights for the rats too. Knowing rats have poor eyesight, the council proberly wanted to ensure the rats found 'tasty' food sources inside the building.

Slough Council is 'managed by':-

  • Ruth Bagley, chief executive since 2007
  • Robert 'Rob' Anderson, chief councillor (Labour) since 2008
  • James 'Jas' Swindlehurst, deputy chief councillor (Labour) since 2008