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Monday, 2 May 2016
Updated 3 May

5 men arrested following serious sexual assault
on young woman

Wearing one shoe, woman flees house, crosses busy road then collapses

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Police continue to investigate Sunday's sexual attack on a defenceless young woman. At this moment no person has been charged.

A neighbour told the Slough Times that on Sunday, 1 May 2016, he saw a woman, said to be in her mid twenties and wearing only one shoe, appeared to "hobble" as she dashed into the fast moving Farnham Road traffic desperate to reach the other side of the road.

When she reached the opposite pavement, the woman collapsed unconscious outside the garage.

Police, alerted at 16:34, rushed to the Farnham Road house and found a  24-year-old woman victim of a serious sexual assault.

There is an unexplained 2 hour delay before police requested urgent medical assistance for the victim. South Central Ambulance Service told the Slough Times:

We attended Farnham Road on 1 May having received a call from Thames Valley Police at 18.25.

As this is an ongoing police incident we are unable to provide more details.

When asked about the two hours 'discrepancy' Thames Valley Police replied:

As this is an ongoing and active investigation it would be inappropriate for us to comment on these questions.

Police cordoned-off the front garden including access to the front door then placed police officers outside to guard the crime scene. Police also did a door-to-door enquiry.

A serious crimes CID investigator from Maidenhead police station, Detective Sergent Peter Clark, announced:

Specialist Officers are looking after the victim. Our investigation will continue until the full circumstances are established.

If anyone has any information in connection with this incident I would ask them to call 101.

Neighbours told the Slough Times the house always had a constant stream of young men residents who quickly changed. They said a young woman with a child lived at the house.

One neighbour said there had been a party which started on Saturday night. Another neighbour thought there had been fighting at the house.

The Sunday drama frightened locals. One elderly neighbour told the Slough Times:

How we be safe in our beds if we don't know what to look-out for?

People are enquiring if the young lady is alright. We should be told.

These police should be informing everybody what is happening but they are not reassuring us.

Slough's new local police chief, Superintendent Gavin Wong, said:

We are fully investigating this incident. At this stage we do not believe there is a wider risk to the public. However we would encourage anyone with concerns to contact their Neighbourhood Policing team.

Five men arrested

Later police revealed 5 people from Slough have been arrested in connection with the incident:

  • A 31 years-old man has been bailed until 13 July.
  • A 33 years-old man has been bailed until 15 July.
  • A 42 years-old man has been bailed until 11 July.
  • A 44 years-old man has been bailed until 12 July.
  • A 58 years-old man has been bailed until 14 July.