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Friday, 17 June 2016

A tribute to an exceptional and commendable MP

Jo Cox R.I.P.

From Slough's Labour Party councillors

Slough Labour Group, along with the wider local party, and the national party are devastated by the senseless murder of Jo Cox and our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, especially her two young children who will now grow up without a mother.

Jo worked tirelessly for the values we as a party hold close to our hearts. She was an avid campaigner for human rights and justice. She played an important role in ensuring that 0.7% of GDP is enshrined in law for foreign aid, influenced government policy on child refuges, and campaigned passionately for the displaced people of Syria.

She believed in a society where all in it come together and celebrate the common human values we share. She fought for this ideal, and tragically died for this ideal. An ideal that can best be summed up in her maiden speech to parliament:

Our communities have been deeply enhanced by immigration -- be it of Irish Catholics across the constituency or of Muslims from Gujarat in India or from Pakistan, principally from Kashmir.

While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.

As Labour party we come together to mourn Jo's death, to remember her as a wonderful mother, a dedicated public servant and a passionate campaigner. We reflect that violence is not, and will never be the answer to anything, and reaffirm our commitment to work tireless for the ideals that Jo held so close to her heart, and to do so in Jo's memory.

Without double Helen Joanne Cox was a gifted and exceptional woman. She had the potential to become a future British prime minister. We all lose something precious when an unusually caring and talented person is brutally taken away from us.

Born Jo Leadbeater on 22 June 1974, married with a husband and two young children, Jo was murdered on 16 June 2016 by a political fanatic violently opposed to the commendable good work Jo became renown and respected for.

Jo's death was senseless violence. Instead of silencing her, as her enemies hoped, Jo's savage death has widely publicised and promoted the important humanitarian causes Jo cared so much about, primarily Syrian refugees fleeing the inhumane horrors of incessant shelling, gassings and barrel bombings.

Jo also actively campaigned for the UK to stay in the European Union and, without trying, upset the anti-EU fanatics including UKIP boss Nigel Farrage, or Adolf as some call him.

How does one ever begin to tell a five-years old and a three-years old their mother is never coming home again ? That they will never see their mother - the centre of their lives - ever again ? Image too the shock and distress for Jo's husband - the end of his world. Things can never again be the same for this once happy and loving young family.

Husband and children now have a huge gap in their lives - just because right-wing fanatics hate those that dare to disagree with them.

Perhaps if David Cameron, the calamitous clown, had never capitulated to Adolf and insisted on a referendum, none of this would have happened - and Jo would be alive today contributing to the betterment of many peoples' lives.

One does not often get a Jo in national politics. That is why this Jo was so special. She could have made a significant long-lasting contribution to this country's well-being.

It is important Jo's legacy is not forgotten. It must be carried-on with pride, with gratitude, with courage, with determination and always with hope too.

Many never knew Jo but that 'many' will never forgot Helen Joanne Cox - martyred for standing-up publicly for the issues she passionately cared about.

We are all poorer for the loss of Jo. May her soul rest in peace and occasionally peak-out from behind the clouds and see what she herself began is going stronger than ever before.