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Friday, 24 June 2016
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29,631 (54.3%) Slough folk tells EU F--- off ...

24,911 (45.7%) want to stay for the advantages

Report and photograph: Paul Janik

Yesterday, Thursday 23 June 2016, the majority of Slough voters - together with the majority of people in England & Wales - voted to turn their backs on the world's most successful co-operation venture, the European Union.

It was a protest vote against conditions in Britain, fuelled by the semi-drunken rhetoric of Nigel Farrage and by Buffoon Boris' desire to become Prime Minister. They unfairly blamed the EU for everything they could think-of.

Who will they blame next time?

They never cared what 'doubtful-truths' they spoke, deliberate distortions they made and, just like many other (but certainly not all) politicians, they stopped caring as soon as the public had casted their votes.

Hate-the-EU campaign leaders shrug-off all responsibility for the tragedy they knowingly caused. Like most wreckers they optimistically expect someone else will pay the high financial costs, the higher mortgages, the higher bills for food and the other goods we import.

It's doubtful whether the jubilant fanatics will commiserate with those going to loose their jobs, as their organisations relocate to the EU, and those going to loose their homes. It's a bleak prospect but please don't worry, 'cos Hate-the-EU leaders repeatedly said, it should be alright by 2030.

Inevitably one wonders who has the spare cash to hold-out for another 14 years in the forlorn hope that things should be better ?

The weather should be dry tomorrow but often it is not. Hate-the-EU fanatics deceived their gullible supporters whilst knowing their fantasy delusions of a far-away should can never be guaranteed for the deserving masses of this country, England.

Scotland overwhelmingly (62%) voted to remain in the EU. Northern Ireland did too (55.7%) but neither could exceed Gibraltar's 95.91% pro-EU demand.

That historic decision means

  1. End of the United Kingdom - geographically and legally
  2. End of Great Britain - geographically and legally
  3. Introduction of Little England
  4. End of the .uk Internet country code
  5. Introduction of a new Internet code of .ew (England and Wales) or .en (England)
  6. End of the City of London as a major international financial centre and important UK taxes generator
  7. Dramatic decline of international investment in an isolated country on the fringe of Europe
  8. Relocation of international businesses, including manufacturing, to the EU
  9. Scottish Independence
  10. New Internet country code for Scotland
  11. New international telephone code for Scotland
  12. International border controls between Scotland and England
  13. International border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland
  14. Passports required for visiting Scotland
  15. New motor insurance requirements when visiting Scotland and the EU
  16. Different driving license requirements when visiting Scotland and the EU
  17. Longer and different passport queues when visiting Scotland and the EU
  18. Possibly visas for visiting Scotland and the EU

The tip of the iceberg . . . .

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is only the tip of the gigantic iceberg going to hit us severely. The damage will be widespread and long-lasting.

It could encourage northern England to join Independent Scotland for prosperity and EU Single Market access.


  • From Holyrood Parliament to Westminster Parliament = 332 miles.
  • From Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Westminster = 248 miles but only a tantalising 91 miles from Holyrood.
  • Halfway between Holyrood and Westminster are Manchester and Leeds.

The break-up of the United Kingdom and Great Britain was inevitable but now the fragmentation of England could be the next surprise.

Inside the Commons

Why, many people ask, did that calamitous clown David Cameron voluntarily inflict this disaster on the UK when his task was to protect it and nurture it.

Increasingly regarded as a weak coward, Cameron, a glorified Spin Doctor (his only experience outside politics), appeared scared of UKIP before the 2015 parliamentary election. After that election UKIP was nothing and was fading away. There was no compelling need for a UKIP approved referendum yet Cameron gleefully inflicted it on the UK's 4 countries and Gibraltar.

Aloof from people's ordinary lives, our politicians entrusted to defend our nations interest - perhaps befuddled by cheap tax-payers funded booze copiously flowing in the House of Commons bars - failed to contemplate the inevitable consequences when voting to introduce Cameron's referendum.

Why should MPs over the drunk-driving limited be allowed to vote ?

As usual, we - not them - will pay the heavy costs of the politicians' latest mess.