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Restore Slough's Coat of Arms

Calls to undo Cllr Rob Anderson's scrapping of Slough's treasured history and motto

Report: Paul Janik

The Slough Times has started a campaign to restore the town's Coat of Arms to its rightful place on council letters, documents and on public buildings.

Councillor Diana Coad (UKIP, St Mary's) commented:-

Brilliant idea which I fully support.

Slough's decorative and visually appealing historic symbol was abolished in 2004 by recently ousted, and very unpopular, council leader Rob Anderson (Labour, Britwell).

Cllr Anderson - part of the infamous Rob & Swindle duo with Cllr James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham Green) - were thrown out of their council leadership positions by other exasperated Labour councillors shocked and upset by the pair's tremendous trail of failures, disasters, neglect of the borough's children and the cancellation of elderly citizens' bus passes before 09:30 hours.

The current Coat of Arms originates from 1974 when the national government, foolishly some say, transferred Slough - then the biggest and richest town in Buckinghamshire - to Berkshire.

Slough's original Coat of Arms is from 1936, the same year as Slough's Town Hall opened. There are two versions of it. Because Labour-run Slough Council have no respect for Slough's history, it is impossible to ascertain which of the two old versions is the more accurate.

Many prefer the original 1936 versions as they convey a feeling of peace and tranquillity and did truly represented a district council totally dedicated to serving residents and businesses with respect and dignity - something always missing under the dreadful uncaring and indifferent regime of 'Rob & Swindle'.

The council's current logo, which many find unappealing, was designed by a lady who worked in the council's print department in what was then called The New Building on the south-east side of the Town Hall. The circa 1981 building was later demolished.

In 1998 Slough District Council acquired all the responsibilities of Berkshire County Council that affected Slough, when the government abolished Berkshire County Council, based in Reading. Slough then became a 'Unitary Authority'. Since that time the council's official name has been Slough Unitary Authority.

The title Slough Borough Council dates back to the pre-1998 days when Slough was a district council within Berkshire and major public services were provided by Berkshire County Council.

Some will remember the once cherished title of Slough Corporation. Then standards among councillors were much higher and the desire to serve the public was uppermost in councillors' attitudes and actions. That ethos and pride in our town slowly eroded to the public detriment.

The Slough Times hopes the new council leaders Sohail Munawar and Sabia Hussain will take-on the hugely daunting task of restoring pride in our town and re-implementing within the council the Coat of Arms motto

Serve With Honour

which vanished during 11 years of Cllr Anderson's disastrous dictatorship.