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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hated bollards knocked-down again

The latest episode in the council's £520,000 road "improvement"

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Bang went the last 2 bollards at Long Readings Lane's second road narrowing.

Designed more than 40 years ago as an experiment, Long Readings Lane has 4 hated and despised width restrictions. All cause accidents, some fatal.

Slough's nincompoop council falsely proclaim it reduces vehicles speeding. Everyone living in the road knows the council is blatantly lying. Nothing stops cars whizzing along the road in the late evening, during the night and when its not busy, at speeds often exceeding 55 mph.

The Slough Times has always advocated having broad red bands on the road's surface with the speed limit painted in white. This simple, cost effective, money saving, idea is known to work without all the ghastly car damaging speed bumps Slough Council love inflicting on the public they seem to despise.

Drivers depend on the symbol for information.
Not many read the words.
In this Long Readings example, some drivers do not know what oncoming vehicles mean; one thought it meant emergency vehicles.

Some drivers, including drivers of marked police cars, are confused by the round traffic sign displaying a black and a red arrow. Some give way, some carry-on mistakenly thinking they have the 'Right of Way'.

A bunch of school children, with their bright and energetic intellects superior to the inadequate abilities of Slough Council, will tell you a 'Give Way' sign at the width restriction is instantly recognisable.

Is the council's fragmented highways department capable of doing better ?

Everyone knows what this signs means.
No need for extra wording in a separate box below the sign.

Council experts living 20+ miles away and Cllr James Swindlehurst, the recently deposed Deputy Labour Leader, have made a mess of Long Readings Lane.

Long queues of cars, sometimes 20-long, wait to pass through the narrow width restrictions. Meanwhile exhaust fumes pollute the environment and damage the lungs of children walking to the nearby schools of Beechwood and Claycots.

Slough Council completely demolished the 4 width restrictions when they spent over £520,000 of tax-payers money making the road one foot (30 cm) narrower. Then, the very next day, their favourite contractor from Southampton in Hampshire travelled to Britwell to re-built them in exactly the same place.

The driver passed a breath-test

The Slough Times wonders why Cllr James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham Green) repeatedly ignored residents' concerns whilst determined to waste huge sums of public money on unnecessary works that failed to improve the road.

Slough's arrogant council usually dismiss residents' concerns and suggestions. It illustrates the dreadful council culture under the reign of chief executive Ruth Bagley OBE - handsomely rewarded with a pay package worth £40,000 more than the UK Prime Minister's salary.

Under the Bagley reign, cover-ups and refusals to release information are commonplace.

The council withheld details of the illegal immigrant it employed at its Landmark Place service centre. Despite claims of being law abiding, SBC refused to contact the Immigration Service or Thames Valley Police. Instead it asked the man to resign. He quickly did then disappeared without trace.

Council bosses were afraid bad publicity would damage their carefully perfected CVs.

So much for open, transparent and accountable local government.