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Wednesday, 17 August 2016
Updated: 6 September

Another woman raped in notorious Salt Hill Park

Police chief says working with partner council - but no signs of improvement

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

After the police investigators left - deceptive tranquillity ?

A lone woman, walking along the A4 Bath Road, was dragged into Salt Hill Park then raped and robbed. Passers-by disturbed the attackers and called the police.

The incident happened circa 02:30 hours today, Wednesday. The victim, said to be in her 40's, walked from the Church Street area in Chalvey, across the Montem Sports Centre car park, around the back of the Sports Centre, northwards along Montem Lane to the Bath Road. She is thought to have intended to catch a night bus heading towards Heathrow.

There is an eastbound, London direction, bus stop outside Salt Hill Park, very close to the park's entrance and next to the long-disused public toilets. That park entrance is a few metres east of Windmill Road, once home to the council's now privatised (by Labour) dustbins and cleaning service.

As the woman neared Salt Hill Park she became aware of two men of Asian appearance following her.

Police say:

  1. The men approached the woman at, or near to, the park entrance and pulled her into the deserted and isolated park.
  2. The men assaulted the woman.
  3. One raped her.
  4. They then stole her personal items including money.

Two members of the public heard the commotion and investigated. Their intervention frightened the men who then ran-off. The public immediately telephoned the emergency services for assistance.

Police described the attackers as:-

The description will be restored if both suspects are released without charge or after the trial ends.

Stuart Brangwin, a detective inspector from the police's force-wide CID said:

A team of detectives are investigating this serious incident in which a woman was raped.

I to appeal to anyone who saw what happened or who has any information which may assist our enquiries to speak to police.

Any information you have, no matter how insignificant you feel it may be, could be important to the investigation.

Local police chief Gavin Wong stated:

I am aware of the concerns of the community in relation to Salt Hill Park and other open spaces in Slough and we have been working closely with our partners including Slough Borough Council in an attempt to reduce incidents and help people feel safer.

I was therefore particularly saddened to hear about this incident. Uniformed officers will be carrying out additional patrols in the area and anyone who has any concerns should approach and speak to an officer.

We will continue to look at further measures we can take with our partners including work through the Safer Slough Partnership to reduce incidents and address the concerns of local residents.

Rapists rarely use condoms. Rapists infected with different diseases can transmit those infections to innocent victims. For example, AIDS, Hepatitis, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and more. This is one reason why rapists deserve long prison sentences.

Rapists should ask themselves if 5 minutes of pleasure is really worth 6 years in jail.

For years police decision-makers have ignored police deficiencies detrimental to public safety in Slough.

  • Slough has in 2016 police No Go Areas which the police never, ever, patrol.
  • Police in Slough continue to ignore the public safety failings of their partner-buddy Slough Unitary Authority (SBC's official title since 1998)
  • Police in Slough refuse to accept public criticisms about their service failings and attempt to patronise complainants instead of taking their responsibilities seriously.

Slough needs policemen, and women, on lightweight motorcycles, who can patrol parks, large open spaces, footpaths and our roads night and day. Riding around inside a warm patrol car with comfortable seats is less effective observing what is going-on than a curious police person ambling along on a fuel-efficient low maintenance motorcycle.

If the police claim they have no money, the Slough Times is absolutely certain large businesses in Slough would willing donate £100 or more every year for improved policing. Slough's council tax payers can easily afford an extra £10 per year, with very expensive band G and H properties paying £30 to £40 a year.

Money raised in Slough must stay in Slough; not be given away to fund other towns.

Remember Thames Valley Police - Where there is a will, there is always a way to make it happen. It just needs:-

  • Police interest
  • Police initiative
  • Police involvement with the local community
  • Police inspiration to make Slough a safer place
18 August : Two men arrested

Yesterday, on the same day as the rape, Thames Valley Police arrested 2 Slough men. Both are aged 20 years.

One man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery was released on police bail until 14 September.

The other man arrested on suspicion of rape remains in police custody. If police have enough evidence to charge him, the man is expected to appear at Slough Magistrates Court on Friday morning, 19 August, and then be sent to prison awaiting a trial at Reading Crown Court probably in January 2017.

The attacked woman is being supported by specialist women police officers.

Police say they have introduced 'additional patrols' in 'the area' but failed to specify whether those patrols will be 24 hours a day, how long they will last and the boundaries of the area getting temporary extra police attention.

19 August : Councillor 'sadden'

Slough Unitary Authority's executive councillor responsible for, inter alia, Community Safety, Cllr Paul Sohal (Labour, Wexham) told the Slough Times:-

I am sadden to know about this latest incident.

We are constantly in touch with our crime and safety team and will be working towards finding solutions to improve public safety in our parks and open spaces.

I appreciate your efforts to highlight public concerns.

Cllr Sohal's responsibilities include Crime & Anti Social Behaviour and relationships with the police. Click for the full list.

6 September : Third Arrest

Thames Valley Police issued this statement this afternoon:

A 19-year-old man from Slough was arrested on Wednesday (31/8) on suspicion of aiding and abetting the rape of a female aged over 16 and was bailed until 29 September.

A 20-year-old man from Slough, who was arrested on 17 August on suspicion of rape, was bailed until 26 September.

A 20-year-old man from Slough, who was also arrested on 17 August on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery, was released on police bail until 14 September.

The victim continues to be supported by specially trained officers.