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Monday, 22 August 2016

Farnham Road pedestrian attacked and leg broken

Police patrol discovers victim at 03:00 hours this morning

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
'X' marks the spot outside 406 Farnham Road

Police found a man on the pavement with a broken leg. He is now in hospital.

At 03:00 this morning police found an assault victim laying on the pavement outside Premier convenience food shop at 406 Farnham Road (once Bunces newsagents, more recently Star News). It is on the north side of Broad Oak, a small cul-de-sac, just south of the Farnham Road roundabout.

The 30 years-old man, of unknown nationality, also had a broken leg.

Police Appeal

Amanda Winterbourne, the detective investigating this case, said:

We believe the victim's legs were stamped on during the assault.

The victim is currently in hospital being treated for his injuries.

There is no description of the offenders at this stage.

I urge anyone with information, perhaps you saw or heard something unusual in Farnham Road in the early hours of this morning, to contact police by calling 101 or give your information anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800-555 111.

Thank you.

A more dangerous night-time place

The man was found next to JoJo's (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken, then KFC).

JoJo's is licensed to sell hot food until 04:00 but closes at 23:00 because of the increase of scary night-time people on the streets after 22:00.

Farnham Road seems to have more violence that any other part of Slough. Police press releases detail some occurrences but others are never mentioned.

The prostitution has gone from the Farnham Road junction with Essex Avenue. The girls, always nicely dressed, would appear from 22:00 regardless of rain, wind, frost and snow. Some looked as young as 15 or 16 years-old. It was always difficult to get coherent answers from police and council. Moving the girls along Farnham Road never solved the problem.

Across the road in late afternoon and into the late evening, a mixed crowd congregates at Bet Fred's font window, 269 Farnham Road, where, sources claim, one can sometimes acquire stolen goods for minimal cash.

The surrounding streets have endless rows of often drab housing increasingly populated with relatively poor single people living in overcrowded dilapidated accommodation. Jobless and prospectless, their lives appear bleak and miserable.

Cracking down on exploitative landlords and corrupt Estate Agents, many of whom conceal all, or most, of their cash rental income from the taxman, whilst overcrowding vulnerable humanity into sub-standard accommodation at exorbitant prices, would be a good start for Slough's new political leadership.

But this is Slough where police numbers are woefully inadequate, councillors unable to reinvigorate lazy council staff spoilt by years of inactivity and unaccountability, the Member of Parliament preoccupied with life in foreign countries or outside Slough and permanently afraid to criticise her Labour Party councillors even when they are gravely wrong.

The local Labour Party forced the closure of Thames Valley University because they wanted the site for flats. Stupid when Slough is invaded everyday by, so the currently suspended council chief executive Ruth Bagley often boasted, circa 40,000 people flooding-in to do the skilled jobs, locals lack the education, skills and training to do.

Throughout Slough poor adult literacy and numeracy are major handicaps preventing thousands of adults bettering themselves.

Our amateur council politicians - some preoccupied with their enhanced importance and grandeur - fail to notice the real problems of Slough. If they did, Farnham Road would become a safer place at night.