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Monday, 03 October 2016
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Updated: 4 October

Firearms police at Three Tuns pub "incident"

2 firearms units, unmarked dog van, 4 unmarked cars, 3 patrol cars at scene

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

This morning a flood of police cars descended on the Three Tuns pub in Slough. The site was cordoned-off and guarded by a mixture of PCSOs and police officers.

Later a police spokesman told the Slough Times:

We were called at just after 10am to an address in Bath Road, Slough to a report of suspicious activity involving drugs.

A search was made of the property and small quantity of drugs recovered.

The pub was closed at the time of the police raid and did not open for business until 14:00 hours.

When the Slough Times left the scene at 13:05, police officers were arriving with ladders from nearby businesses. Another police officer brought a collapsible ladder from the town centre police station. The ladders were used to search the building's roof and anywhere high where objects could be thrown.

At the same time, CID officers, with their jackets off - exposing their body holsters containing baton and handcuffs - were expertly examining the rear, north side, of the pub which fronts Farnham Road. Uniformed police officers wearing blue rubber gloves were also searching the area. Lots of police activity was taking place.

A yellow jacketed PCSO was guarding what appeared to be a dustbin store. Another PCSO was stationed in the rear car park of the adjoining Bath Road Ford dealership, guarding the pub's boundary fence.

Earlier, two fully armed police firearms vehicles arrived. One parked next to Metro Bank from where gun caring officers could monitor the entire area. The other firearms vehicle parked outside the pub on the Farnham Road pavement.

Blue and white police tape, guarded by police officers, cordoned-off the Farnham Road side of the pub.

A covert ("under-cover") dogs van, looking like an ordinary large car, was parked outside. When the vehicle's rear door was open, two dog kennels could be seen inside.

Police activity shocks pub staff

On Sunday evening when the pub closed normally at 22:30, there was no indication of unusual activity, either in the pub or outside in the pub's unfenced back yard used by seriously addicted smokers. The back yard is also by customers to reach the adjoining public car park.

When staff arrived this morning to open-up for a 12:00 noon start, they were shocked to discover police searching the back yard.

Police asked the pub not to open until 14:00 hours to avoid customers walking through the back yard 'crime scene'. Police also requested external CCTV copies.

Pub owner Ruban told the Slough Times:-

The staff and I are shocked. We do not know what has gone on in the pub's open area at the back. Police are not telling us anything.

We have fully co-operated with the police. The inside of the pub is not involved. That is why there was no blue and white police tape around the front of the pub.

The Slough Times thinks this was no ordinary drugs incident. Thames Valley Police certainly meant serious business when they attended this incident.

Update : Tuesday 4 October

Less than 24 hours later, at 01:30 hours this morning, armed police raided a house in Arthur Road, Chalvey, less than a mile from the pub. They arrested a 25 years-old local man in possession of a loaded gun and seized 22 wraps of Class A drug heroin and some Class B drug cannabis.

Police are not saying if these two incidents are linked, only that the house raid was based on an intelligence-led investigation.