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Wexham Park Hospital voting ends today

Frimley Health bosses refuse to publicise election
preferring to keep patients and public in the dark

Report: Paul Janik. Photographs: Paul Janik & Frimley Health

Today at 17:00 voting will end in another secret hospital election.

With no general publicity - no posters on display at Wexham Park Hospital and nothing on Frimley Health's web site, once again the public do not know what is going on at their local hospital.

Thanks to a hospital source, the Slough Times presents the 7 Slough candidates contesting two vacancies for a hospital governor to represent Slough's residents.

Windsor & Maidenhead's candidates         Bracknell's candidates

Slough's candidates

I joined as a governor two years ago to give the constituents of Slough a voice in order to retain and improve the benefits provided in the larger Trust.

I set out that I will not just listen to talking points but to crosscheck and decipher obscure information to hold the board to account.

My willingness to challenge and question board members demonstrates my commitment to protecting the people of Slough.

As an effective governor, I am a member of the following sub-committees:

  • Vice chair of the Patient Experience and Involvement group,
  • Community Engagement group,
  • Equalities and diversity group.

I have contributed substantially in each of these groups to ensure that the service provided by the Trust takes into account the diverse needs of Slough and that your voice is heard.

I wish to continue to help build on the Trust’s strengths as the NHS is currently facing a huge dilemma in continuing to build upon the services it offers with an ever tightening budget. This requires us as a community to understand that our healthcare is not just the responsibility of the hospital to provide an excellent service, but that it is vitally important to enhance the working relationships between the network of GPs and the Local Authority so that we, as a community, experience healthcare as seamlessly as possible.

Going forward I would like to focus on mental healthcare as this often invisible illness requires improvement and yet impacts the vulnerable in the greatest possible way.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Living in Slough (Wexham) from last 27 years.

Local parish councillor since May 2010, was head of finance for 2 years, Vice Chair for 2 years and Chair for one year for Wexham Court Parish Council also President of Ramgariagh Sikh Gurdwara till 2018 (Woodland Ave Slough).

I have so much experence for adminstration and public relationship which can very useful for this vacency.

I lost last time with small mrgin and hope this time I get chance to serve.

I will be very thankful to you if you support me in this election. I am labour party member.

Political Party: Labour
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

I am a proud volunteer worker at WPH. I show love and care through my empathetic nature and offer all patients the best impression of the, NHS Trust.

As a local resident for over 50 years. I am able to relate to the patients, member of staff have praised the exceptional service I offer which, which I am keen to continue through the role of the volunteer Governor.

I have done volunteery work in nursing also in junior schools for a total of 15 year’s whilst being a full time mum of 4 Children. I love engaging with members of people of all society from the young the elderly also.

I have volunteered at this hospital for 1½ years now and developed invaluable knowledge of the service the trust offers to its patients. When patients are speaking to me they are relaxed even though suffering and in potential pain.

I want to empower others as I felt empowered myself through my own experieness.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Having been elected a Public Governor in December 2014 I now seek to continue as a Governor at the coming election.

I believe that the 41 years I have lived in Slough will enable me to contribute to the Trusts Management. My involvement in Local Government during these past years as a Deputy and Chief Officer, followed by responsibilities as a Local Parish Council Clerk gives me a breadth of experience that would be beneficial to the Trust.

Whilst a Senior Officer, my role had involvement across the area of Slough, in particular, dealing with matters related to the management and operation of facilities, which required links with the public.

During these years of Local Government experience I also gained knowledge of a wide range of local and corporate activities, plus relationships with Local Councillors, Fellow Officers and Government Departments.

Since becoming an active Governor I have learnt much about the Frimley Trust, the working arrangements for the Board of Directors both Executive and Non Executive and the Council of Governors, having since January 2015 attended some 53 meetings.

The role of a Governor involves a wide range of many aspects of the Trusts responsibilities. As such this means that I have become aware of the complexities of managing three hospital sites and all that this requires of all involved.

The above details I believe allow me to submit this nomination for election, for a further period with the Trust as a Public Governor.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Having served as Wexham Lea Ward Councillor on Slough Borough Council and so I have worked with many different people of all ages and cultures.

I am a Wexham Court Parish Councillor, which covers Wexham Hospital site. In my role as Councillor I have been a member of many other committees the roles have been varied, most have involved listening to members of the public express their views, complaints and general enquiries on a variety of matters. I have worked to try to resolve problems and report back on the results with the ongoing updating and refurbishments of our hospitals and services.

I would welcome the opportunity to be a Governor of the Trust and work as a member of the team to achieve the very best of services from the limited funding available

Political Party: Labour
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

I am passionate about patient safety and the prevention of human error having worked the last 20 years on the prevention of major disasters in oi&gas and rail.

An independent member of the UK rail confidential reporting scheme (CIRAS) I am committed to helping workers report concerns.

I chair the UK Energy Institute’s human factors working group and am a member of the Clinical Human Factors Group working with Health Education England and the NHS Litigation Authority on breaking down the silos in healthcare, improving patient pathways and reducing unplanned events.

I am committed to a strong NHS, having always refused private treatment, but I see patient safety, not privatisation as the biggest threat to the NHS. The damage is enormous, in avoidable suffering, additional treatment, waste, and low morale.

In 2015/6 the NHSLA will collect £1,500,000 for avoidable harm across the NHS. I want to play my part in helping Wexham Park and Frimley Health get ahead on patient safety and free resources for front line treatment.

The sectors I usually work in have learned hard and very expensive lessons. One is not to underestimate the public and political backlash if you fail to protect your stakeholders. Deepwater Horizon cost BP $20Bn (I was a member of the UK advisory panel).

As parent to a 6 year old I have a strong personal commitment to the success of Wexham Park. I am Chartered in Engineering and Human Factors with degrees in psychology and engineering

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

I was born in Maidenhead in 1937 and have lived most of my life in Slough.

I entered the Civil Service in 1954 dealing mainly with sickness benefit and widows pension claims.

In 1958 I passed the HM Customs and Excise examination and retired as a Senior Officer in VAT in 1999.

I was awarded the MBE in 1993 for services to the Department, Holloway Prison and my local Church.

Having became a committed Christian in 1983, I’ve served for many years on the leadership team at Britwell Baptist Church alongside leading their treasury team. There, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from many ages and backgrounds and write regularly for newspapers and occasionally speak on the radio.

Whilst being a strong supporter of the NHS, I realise the service is facing financial and resource problems, in particular, in the provision of care for senior citizens.

I have received several periods of treatment including an operation in 1984 which was life-saving. Following that operation, I was found to be paralysed but after 3 days of prayer, and the excellent support of the hospital staff, movement returned.

My principle aims are to help improve the service and the well-being of patients and staff. Given the years of service and experience I have, be it a resident in this community, involved with the church and various committees, I believe that I would be able to represent the views of patients and residents fairly while also highlighting particular issues with sensitivity.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Bracknell & Wokingham's candidates

Jan Burnett

I have been a public governor for Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust since January 2015 and I am now seeking re-election. I am a semi-retired teacher and have lived in Ascot for nearly 40 years.

During this time Heatherwood Hospital has been an important part of life for all of my family. The Trust has extensive plans for rebuilding the hospital in order to rationalise the services provided across all three of its sites at Wexham Park, Frimley Park and Heatherwood. I have been involved in public consultations around these plans and I would very much like to be able to continue to represent the interests and concerns of the people of Bracknell Forest and Wokingham as these plans unfold over the next 2 years.

As a result of attending regular meetings and talking to patients and staff on the wards at all 3 hospitals, I have learned a great deal about the challenges and pressures facing all NHS hospitals - indeed we read about them all the time in the news. Being a public governor provides an opportunity to ask probing questions of senior managers and directors about how this Trust is facing up to these issues. Based on the knowledge I have gained over the past 20 months I now feel a lot more confident about doing this and would welcome the chance to represent members for another term.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Dr Lana Karpova

Being an experienced medic, specialising in Clinical Endocrinology, with over twenty years of working experience within the medical sector and the pharmaceutical industry. I hold master’s degrees in Business Administration and Health Care Management from the Henley Business School. I am also a mum of one with a deep interest in our healthcare system.

I feel that I have a wealth of knowledge, passion and drive to offer the Frimley Health NHS Foundation trust.

If elected I will bring my skills and experiences gained with the healthcare industry as well as working within pressured and fast changing international environments.

I firmly believe that every person has an equal right to the highest quality healthcare, advanced technologies and the best possible treatment. That nurses and doctors have equal rights to work in a comfortable environment with access to the most advanced technologies, education, supported by highly qualified management. I am passionate about healthcare and believe in our state healthcare system which aims to provide the highest quality of care to the public.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

John Lindsay

I care passionately about local people receiving the best possible healthcare and treatment; it really matters to me.

During my career I have reviewed governance arrangements in major organisations across the UK, USA and Europe. These include major acute hospitals in London and the South East, mental health trusts, ambulance services and commissioning groups. Working closely with staff in key hospital functions from “Ward to Board” has given me an insight into Frimley’s success.

I was privileged to previously serve as your Governor working with colleagues and Board members. I greatly valued Health Events which provided an opportunity to listen to your views, answer your questions and address any concerns.

Membership of the Governor Patient Engagement Group was very rewarding. Trying to help improve care/discharge arrangements for frail elderly patients was particularly satisfying as I have a personal interest in dementia care. I am about to start the Frimley Chaplaincy volunteer course.

I am a Governor of my local church school and volunteer with Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue who work with the police to find missing vulnerable adults and children, provide medical attention and safely reunite them with loved ones.

Having lived locally for 35 years, I am really looking forward to seeing the healthcare benefits arising from the rebuilt Heatherwood hospital after years of decline and planned major improvements at Frimley Park.

I believe Frimley has a bright future. However, there are big challenges ahead. Please allow me to help meet them.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

James White

I used to be a Governor but elected Frimley Park control to take Trust over. I am helpful and approachable plus have lots of hospital knowledge due to my disabilities. I really care about our health services and want to be part of the team again

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Windsor & Maidenhead's candidates

Rod Broad

It has been my privilege to serve as a Public Governor on the FHFT over the past twenty months, with much progress being achieved, but with much still to do, to improve our local hospital and health services.

During this time I have served on various committees and working groups; actively reviewing and contributing to improving ‘patient experience’ and ‘community engagement’ along with holding our non-executive directors to account. I also regularly undertake quality assurance audits, hospital assessments and ward patients’ surveys. Feedback from these assists the Executive Teams’ decision making and has led to specific ward improvements.

My business and community experience also led to me being chosen as the FHFT Governor member of the important ‘New Vision of Care’ Steering Group, which is focussed upon developing collaborative working between local NHS services and Local Authorities to make improvements in community and hospital health care.

I am semi-retired, having run businesses for, amongst others, Thames Water and Veolia. I also serve as Church Warden for All Saints Church in Maidenhead and as the Community Member for the local Academy School. It is rewarding to be able to use my experience and time to benefit the local community.

I feel strongly that my skills and business experience, backed by my Cranfield MBA, mean that I am ideally placed to continue representing the community and members of the Frimley Health Foundation Trust, especially with the major investments planned, and I would much welcome the opportunity to be re-elected.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Peter Hills

I owe a personal debt of gratitude to all those marvellous and highly skilled people who work at Frimley Park Hospital. I am both passionate and realistic in my support for the NHS and those principles and values established and respected over many years. I fully understand the feeling of desperation, fear and loneliness when a loved one or close friend is seriously ill, and the need for immediate attention and excellent care.

Governors represent the interests of patients, the local community and trust members. I am married with two adult children, have lived in Ascot for over 30 years, and currently represent the interests of a large cross section of the general public within the education and public services civil law sectors. I am committed to excellence of services, the need for focused co-opted teamwork, value for money, and plain and simple joined up communication (the lack of which unnecessarily frustrates many people and situations).

Please vote for me and I will do my very best to represent the healthcare issues and interests of you, your family and friends.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Margaret Lenton

Why do you wish to carry out the role of governor?

This is a crucial time for the NHS; I have the time, experience and commitment required for the role.

What skills do you feel you would bring to this role?

I understand that Governors must put patients first, hold the executive to account and question, but not become involved in day to day management. I understand financial matters and I have the skills acquired as Principal of a large multi-cultural school.

Any other information that you feel is relevant

I understand the role of Governors. I have been a member of a Patients’ Experience Group at another Trust, which received presentations from key areas of the hospital and members visited departments and wards, learning about their work and challenges. I organised activities for young people to explain careers opportunities in a Trust. It is essential to recruit capable and committed people to our hospitals. I have sat on a Dementia Steering Group so I understand of what is required to make a Trust dementia-friendly. I have also seen work done in this area in the community.

I have seen the best and also the worst of the NHS (my father died in Stafford hospital) and I intend to work to ensure quality provision for patients, to contribute to members’ events and to make myself available to members of the Trust.

I offer myself for your consideration.

Political Party: Conservative
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Robin Maiden

Why, in my mid-40s, do I want to become a Governor?

  • Over 80% of Governors are retired, I offer additional dynamic, different perspectives & life experiences.
  • I’ve spent my working life in healthcare.
  • My expertise in assessing performance and providing ideas for change.
  • My family & I are patients and have experienced the care from Frimley Health.

These reasons may be valid, but the ultimate reason is simple; I care about improving patient’s experiences and outcomes.

I’d rather do that from within the NHS than the outside. I will commit the time and effort to achieve it.

I’d like to use the expertise from over 20 years experience in healthcare to help Frimley Health and patients in our area.

My career has taken me around the world, I’ve learned a great deal about different health services, and I’ve worked within some of the world’s greatest pharmaceutical companies.

The Governor role has 2 components; to oversee running of the Trust, and to be a voice for patients:

  • I’ve spent many years looking for solutions to patient treatment problems and working with the NHS to implement services for improved patient outcomes.
  • My work focuses on guiding senior leaders to optimise their business, provide objective guidance, fresh perspectives, critique strategy and focus on excellent results.

I’d like to help patients in our area to achieve even greater care and I’d like to do this as a Governor of Frimley Health. Please vote for me.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Professor Tony Monk

I have spent most of my professional life designing, building or writing about modern hospitals. Currently I am a Governor and am now seeking re-election.

Windsor is my home town. I was educated at Windsor Boys’ school, am President of Windsor Cricket Club, a Rotarian and an active member of Windsor Civic Society and West Windsor Residents Association. My wife Ann was local midwife. My ambition is to improve the quality of our community health facilities.

I became an elected Governor of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust nearly 18 months ago when Wexham Park and Heatherwood hospitals were amalgamated.Since then the quality of service has improved considerably and new developments are underway. Plans have been released for new diagnostic and elective surgery at Heatherwood and a new state-of-the-art emergency department at Wexham Park. The Care Quality Commission reported this year that six services were rated “good” and two were “outstanding”. The CQC said this improvement was the best they had ever observed. These standards must be maintained. As an architect, author and educationalist I have experienced best practice healthcare services around the country. I am founder of Hutchison, Locke and Monk HLM who have built over 30 hospitals. Recently I wrote a book, “Hospital Builders”, containing 40 healthcare projects explaining procurement methods. Academically I was Head and Professor of Architecture at Bedfordshire University. If re-elected I hope to continue delivering these essential hospital services and facilities for our community benefit.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Nawin Rajp

I, Nawin Rajp, have 44 years successful experience: working in the Airline and Travel industry; in proven man-management ability; particularly effective in building good working relations and a positive team spirit with excellent organizational , communication and inter– personal skills. My experience and expertise would benefit the community in this role.

I will seek to ensure: my fellow Governors are valued as colleagues and that judgements about colleagues are consistent, fair, unbiased and are properly founded; the membership of the constituency I represent is properly informed and able to positively influence services; the best interests of the public and patients/clients are upheld in decision making; decisions are not improperly influenced; no-one is discriminated against because of their religion belief, race, gender, disability, age, social and economic status or national origin.

Among my motivations for becoming a Governor is, in helping to improve service delivery by making the trust accountable to the people, who use its services.

I have been married for 49 years and my wife owned a very successful business in Windsor for over 25 years and still is very well known in the community. I have a son, a lawyer and a daughter, a hairdresser. I also have two grand children. My Father was decorated by the Queen, for services in East Africa. Our family have lived in Ascot 37 years.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None

Richard Smith

Reason for standing.

If elected, I would like to serve as a Governor to care for the NHS as it has cared for my family and myself.

My business experience,voluntary work plus user experience of the NHS and the caring facilities may have given me the skills to serve as a useful Governor.

In business I progressed from shop floor to board level in major retail companies and eventually Company Chairman.

After retirement, I was the main carer for my wife and another relative.

I helped as a volunteer at the hospice.

I was active in an international charity where i served as Zone Chairman and Regional Chairman.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in Trust: None