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Saturday, 10 December 2016
Updated 14 December

Turn-on street lights, plead desperate residents

For 7 months pitch-black darkness in the middle of Wentworth Avenue.
Families are genuinely scared to open their front doors at 6:30 p.m.
Council's nearby unused building ablaze with surplus lights.

Council says street lights on main road
are NOT council's responsibility

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
View from the zebra crossing southwards towards the Clinic.

One of the biggest problems in Slough is the public dislike of, distrust in, and contempt for their local crap council. Consequently people do not complain enough, so the council gets away with poor service or with no service.

Along Britwell's Wentworth Avenue between, the Old Post Office and the Co-op, the street lights have not worked since May 2016.

New houses (45 to 69) have replaced those shops. To prove its contempt for the new residents, and show how much Labour-controlled Slough Council despises the public, utterly useless Slough Council will not turn-on the street lights.

Everyone who walks along that part of Wentworth Avenue, as well the people living there, are moving about in pitch-black darkness. Don't forget folks its dark at 16:30 every day, sometimes darker earlier because of poor visibility.

In a surprising new development, Wednesday 14 December, Slough Council is denying all responsibility for defective street lights, including zebra crossing beacon, on the public highway known as Wentworth Avenue. See the correspondence below.

View from the zebra crossing southwards towards Goodwin Road.

Keen to show everyone how slovenly and lazy the council really is, the Belisha beacon on the west side (the shop's side) of the zebra crossing has not worked for many weeks and neither has the un-numbered street light above it.

Slough Council's spy CCTV camera,
junction Wentworth Avenue / Goodwin Road.

Residents ask why the council's staff, who monitor the 24 hours a day surveillance camera in Wentworth Avenue, and can clearly see all the street lights are out, have not reported the problem.

Why has Neighbourhood Policing not told the council about the black-out ?

A separate complaint has been made to the council about CCTV operators not telling other parts of the council that part of Wentworth Avenue is in permanent night-time darkness.         [SOLA 012000]

The election area (or technically the electoral area) is known as Britwell. The residents are served by three councillors - all Labour.

How is it possible for all three councillors not to notice the black-out problem for so many months ?

The answer is:-

  • Martin Carter lives in Burnham, miles away.
  • Pavitar Mann is, in the Slough Times opinion, lazy and too busy with her social and work life.
  • Rob Anderson is called "hands-off" because he never does any community work except at election time when he wants the public to vote for him. This reporter does more community work than Cllr Anderson has ever done.

Naturally curious to see whether Britwell's three councillors are suffering from the same black-out affecting the middle of Wentworth Avenue, the Slough Times had a look on Sunday evening 11 December.

Great news. Britwell's councillors are OK. No black-out for them.

To avoid Britwell's 3 useless councillors, in the Slough Times opinion, getting hospitalised because of the excessive strain of them picking-up a phone and asking their mates in the council to get the Wentworth Avenue lights working again - hopefully before Christmas 2016 - the Slough Times has emailed:-

  • The council's complaints department,
  • The chief councillor, also called The Leader of the Council (Sohail Munawar),
  • The executive councillor for public safety (Paul Sohal),
  • The executive councillor for highways (Fiza Matloob), and
  • The temporary council chief executive (Roger Parkin)

wishing all of them a very Happy Christmas and asking why the Britwell street lights are not working after 7 months of pitch-black darkness.

We will put their answers on this web page.

SOLA 011997


Slough Council Response

From: Cllr Sohail Munawar, the chief councillor
Date: 12 December 2016.

Noted and will raise with relevant department and come back to you.

Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.

Slough Council Response

From: Cllr Fiza Matloob, executive councillor for highways
Date: 12 December 2016.

Thanks for email, I'm getting this looked into.

Slough Council Response

From: The Corporate Complaints Manager
Date: 13 December 2016.

This is to confirm receipt of your email dated 12 December.

A response to the content i.e. the Wentworth Avenue non working lights will be sent to Councillor Munawar directly who I note sent you an acknowledgement yesterday.

I am unable to copy you into the departmental response due to the unreasonable wording within your request.

To Slough Council's Corporate Complaints Manager

From: Paul Janik
Date: 13 December 2016.

  1. I am surprised and disappointed by your decision not to provide me with the council's explanation why the pitifully poor and often useless Slough Unitary Authority appears to have ignored the Wentworth Avenue black-out for 7 months according to affected residents.
  2. In your email to me dated Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:53:06 +0000 you wrote:-
  3. I am unable to copy you into the departmental response due to the unreasonable wording within your request.

  4. I regard your decision to be bullying, inappropriate and intended to prevent the long suffering public of Slough justifyingly protesting against, and criticising, abnormally pathetically poor, or no, service from Slough Unitary Authority.
  5. Freedom of Expression is currently a Human Right recognised in England. I wrote, inter alia, in my email dated Monday, 12 December 2016,
  6. ................ why slovenly lazy Slough Unitary Authority has ignored the Wentworth Avenue black-out for the last 7 months.

    ................ Britwell's useless councillors have done nothing and neither has the council's blind highways inspectors or the lighting contractor's scouting sub-contractor.

    Nothing in those statements is untrue. All are factual. There is copious evidence to support those statements of facts. Blind in the above context means lazy and/or incompetent and/or not doing the work to a fit and proper standard in relation to inspections of roads and so-called 'street furniture'.

    Most regrettably the Wentworth Avenue disgrace is not an isolated occurrence within Slough.

From: Slough Council's executive councillor for Highways

From: Cllr Fiza Matloob
Date: 14 December 2016.

Officers have been out to investigate the complaint, and confirmed to me this morning that there are a number of black spots, however, none of which are under the councils responsibility because the lighting units concerned are positioned in the new development areas which are yet to be adopted by the council.

At the moment the site maintenance responsibility is with the developer and we have forwarded instruction to the developer for carrying out the repair works to these faulty lighting units as soon as possible.

The residents who moved into this new development should be made aware when they purchased the houses that all the street lighting, roads and sewers within this development are still in the process of being adopted, therefore, any problems arise from it should firstly be referred to the developer to be rectified under the maintenance period before s38 agreement is signed transferring the responsibility of the up keep of these assets to the council.

Kind Regards