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Sunday, 12 February 2017
Updated 02 May 2017

Lazy Slough Council not repairing street lights

Two outside Mars, Fairlie Road, out for 7 months

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Curious pedestrians and motorists are wondering why Slough Council has done nothing about two street lights outside Mars on the Trading Estate. They have not worked for 7 months.

Scottish & Southern regional electricity company's subsidiary Southern Electric Contracting Ltd is paid public money to install, maintain and repair Slough's street lights.

SEC, which changed its name to SSE, is the company that urged in writing a government minister not to preserve Slough's historic Town Hall. The SEC chief admitted he had never been inside the Town Hall although he kept saying he had been in the Town Hall's car park and that qualified him to rubbish the 1936 Town Hall building.

Seems Scottish & Southern will do anything to keep Cllrs Rob Anderson and James Swindlehurst happy - was the reason the massive hundreds of millions profit-making Chalvey redevelopment due in a few years time ?

SEC are contractually liable to inspect all the borough's street lights every month but a glance around the borough shows they are ignoring defective lights.

Meanwhile the council's erratic and confused Transport & Highways bosses seem more interested in playing with their Transport for Slough name badges, lanyards and logos - anything to fool the public that these council clowns are not really council staff.

The Slough Times thinks any clown too embarrassed to admit being a council employee should resign and let a better person do their job; someone who will be proud to be a council employee and will do his or her best for the citizens and businesses of Slough.

Two street lights, on the east side of the last Mars factory on the Trading Estate, have been out for 7 months. Council staff need not be geniuses to see the lights are not working because the darkness is easy to see but not conspicuous enough for the Transport for Slough clowns.

During the Second World War (1939-1945) this Mars factory manufactured motorcycles alongside the sweets.

The Slough Times asks why Council Tax payers are forced to pay for this slovenly service ?

Navigation directions for Slough Council

Slough Council, the affected road is Fairlie Road and here is a map identifying the two defective street lights.

Thursday, 9 March 2017 — still out

Slough Council's Highways Department, specialising in wasting amazing amounts of public money with impunity, while making contractors rich, are said to be waiting for warmer weather before venturing out into the sunshine-filled streets of Slough.

Meanwhile, the essential work of chatting and coffee drinking takes priority over the boring tasks of repairing street lights and changing bulbs in zebra crossing beacons. Its great knowing the staff, and not the councillors, are running Slough Council.

Monday, 17 April 2017 21:44 — still out

Labour's slovenly-run Slough Council (motto: We don't care) has not repaired these non-working street lights.

No notices are attached to street lamp columns 004 and 005 explaining the council has run out of light bulbs.

Welcome to shoddy failing Slough.

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 22:12 — still out

Making Slough Council do some honest work for the public who pay their salaries, perks and generous pensions - might give some a heart attack as they are unused to working for a living.

No notices on site apologising for the nighttime darkness.