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Monday, 13 February 2017

George Pub, Burnham High Street, death

Police charge customer with manslaughter

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

A pub drinker, unconscious after being struck on his head, died in hospital.

Police have charged a pub customer with manslaughter

The George Pub - closed and deserted

As previously reported by the Slough Times, on Friday 12 August 2016, 48 years-old Dean Haverley, drinking in the George Pub, at the bottom end of Burnham's High Street, became unconscious after being hit on his head.

Ambulance personnel desperately tried to save his life and rushed Mr Haverley to Wexham Park Hospital for life-saving treatment. However Mr Haverley died.

Following a lengthy police investigation, Anthony Gardener, aged 62, of Burlington Road, Burnham, was charged on Tuesday, 31 January, with Mr Haverley's manslaughter.

Mr Gardener is on police bail and has to attend High Wycombe Magistrates' Court on 2 March 2017.

Although Slough Magistrates' Court (now called East Berkshire Magistrates' Court) is much closer to Burnham, because of the antiquated centuries old English legal tradition, Mr Gardener has to go to High Wycombe because Burnham is in South Bucks district council area and that is in Buckinghamshire.

Mr Gardener's court hearings will occur at High Wycombe Magistrates' and then at Aylesbury Crown Court or the overflow Amersham Crown Court.

At High Wycombe Magistrates' Mr Gardener will be asked to confirm his name and address and then asked to plead guilty or not guilty. There will be no discussion about the case. The presiding magistrate will then refer the case to Aylesbury Crown Court for trial. The whole procedure will be finished in about 5 minutes.

Because Mr Gardener has been charged with a criminal offence, and Mr Gardener's innocence or guilt should be determined entirely by evidence presented and questioned in Court - not by hearsay gossip or evidence not examined in court, it is unwise for the Slough Times to published further details about Mr Gardener or about the deceased Mr Haverley.

The George Pub - closed and deserted

The historic pub has been closed for months, ever since the then lessee Chris Faulkner had to quit the premises.

Mr Faulkner and another person are awaiting trial at Reading Crown Court charged with Conspiracy to Steal from Britwell Parish Council, as previously reported by the Slough Times.

Because Mr Faulkner and another person have been charged with a criminal offence, the Slough Times declines to comment further until the trial has finished.