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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Child rapist fit to practise as Social Worker

Regulator HCPC oblivious until the Slough Times alerted them

Report: Paul Janik, Photograph: socialworktutor.com

A Slough Times investigation has resulted in a social worker who raped a child being suspended pending being struck-off by the Health & Care Professions Council.

Mr Abdul Khan - a very dangerous social worker

A concerned mother complained to the Slough Times about Slough Council's social workers and the absence of verifiable information that council social workers have passed criminal and safety checks to work with vulnerable adults.

The Health & Care Professions Council ('HCPC'), a statutory regulator, does not check social workers on its public register possess clean certificates from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

The mother enclosed a link to the Social Work Tutor web site and the case of Mr Abdul Khan.

The web site article, then dated 12 March 2017 and since updated, listed Mr Khan's convictions of 11 indecent assaults of a girl, 6 acts of indecency with a child and the rape of a girl.

Despite Mr Khan being jailed for 14 years, he remained on the HCPC register as a social worker safe enough to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 5 April) the Slough Times asked the HCPC to investigate Mr Khan's social worker registration. 20 hours later the HCPC suspended Mr Khan pending cancellation of his fitness-to-practise.

A Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead social worker told the Slough Times:-

How can a Social Worker be on trial for raping a child and yet still be deemed by the HCPC as 'fit to practice' ??

The HCPC explains

A HCPC spokesman said:

I can confirm that Mr Abdul Zaheer Khan (SW28666) refers to the recently convicted Abdul Khan.

Mr Abdul Zaheer Khan (SW28666) was subject to an Interim Order hearing, today (6 April 2017) and that interim suspension order is now in place and takes effect immediately. This means that Mr Khan cannot practise using his HCPC registration for the duration of the interim order. As Mr Khan has now been convicted the case will proceed to a final hearing.

The concern relating to Mr Khan was not referred to us by the Police, which is the usual process for professionals on our Register. We have contacted the Police to find out why this did not happen. As soon as your concern was raised with us our investigation process started immediately.

If someone has a concern about any individual on our Register then it is important that they contact us by visiting

The HCPC registers social workers in England. The social worker profession falls under the Notifiable Occupations Scheme (Home Office circular 2006/006). This means that the Police are requested to notify the appropriate professional regulatory body of conviction and other information when it comes to notice that an individual is working in one of the professions or occupations listed under the scheme.

The interim order process is separate to (but runs alongside) the investigation of a fitness to practise allegation. For more information about interim orders visit:

If there is a case to answer, a case will proceed to a final hearing and it will be heard by a HCPC committee. For more information about hearings visit:

The Slough Times has asked Slough Council

How many Slough social workers have:-

(a) a standard DBS certificate; and
(b) a fully enhanced DBS certificate ?

We will publish the council's answer on this web page.

Mr Abdul Khan is not the only bad social worker. Slough has bad ones too.

Following the discovery of Slough Council's negligence and professional incompetence that caused harm to an 97 years-old lady who had to be hospitalised at Wexham Park for three weeks, the Slough Times asked the council's Adult Social Care director Alan Sinclair for a list of the social workers involved and their manager's details.

Alan Sinclair on about £135,000 (precise figure has been requested from the council's Freedom of Information office) decided to go into panic mode, in the Slough Times opinion, refusing to answer.

The Slough Times thinks that if Mr Sinclair loves taking the public's money then he should be accountable to the public and that means no cover-ups.

There is evidence of bad and incompetent practise which put the 97 years-old lady at serious risk.

Labour-run Slough Council cares more about free trips for councillors to China and to the sunny south of France than they do about Slough's elderly folk. It was Labour that stopped pensioners using their government bus passes before 09:30.