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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Deranged distressed man kills then commits suicide

Lewins Way Inquest fails to consider NHS care implications

Report and photographs: Paul Janik
The tragedy road - Lewins Way, North

On Thursday, 22 June 2017, an Inquest in Reading Town Hall determined a person was murdered and the murderer then killed himself.

The tragic events happened on Friday afternoon, 10 February 2017, when police were called to a profusely bleeding David Yokota, 39, laying on the pavement in Lower Cippenham Lane, Slough. A blood-stained knife was nearby.

Mr Yokota was rushed to the town's acute hospital, Wexham Park, where he died from his injuries two days later.

Meanwhile enquiries lead police to a house in Lewins Way, Cippenham, where Mr Yokota was staying. There police found the dead body of the house owner Dennis Kelly, 59. Mr Kelly had been stabbed multiple times suggesting a frenzied attack.

Mr Yokota's mother told the Inquest her son, 20 years earlier, had been kicked in his head causing his skull to fracture. That severe injury had radically altered her son's personality creating grave mental health problems.

The Inquest also heard Mr Yokota had suffered from depression since 1998 and was currently taking Diazepam, originally known as Valium. Traces of Cannabis and Ketamine, also known as Ketalar, were found in Mr Yokota's body. The combined effects of these three drugs could have produced a deranged person, potentially violent, devoid of common sense and unable to cope with normal life.

Mr Yokota was staying at Mr Kelly's home after being bailed for assaulting a family member at his nearby family home.

An unanswered question is whether Mr Yokota was receiving all the necessary mental health care he needed, or did he slip through the net in these times of NHS cuts ? Mental Health beds moved to Reading from Wexham Park thereby isolating some patients from the care they genuinely require.

Could this tragedy been averted if better NHS was available ?

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