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Monday, 20 November 2017

Motion of No Confidence in Slough's Council Leader

Defiant Sohail Munawar desperately clings to power

Decision-making debate to replace the Leader of Slough Council
Tuesday 28 November 2017 at 19:00

This Council has lost confidence in the current Leader of the Council, Councillor Sohail Munawar; and we the undersigned hereby call for a vote to be taken to remove Councillor Munawar as Leader of the Council, under Council Procedure Rule 14(c).

Further that under Rule 14 the Council moves to appoint a new Leader at the same Council meeting. The Motion relates to actions taken and the conduct of the Leader in his role in public office.

  1. Councillor Munawar has failed to conduct an open and transparent recruitment process to secure a permanent Chief Executive for the Council, which culminated in the then Deputy Council Leader refusing to endorse the selected candidate due to concerns over the validity and propriety of the process.
  2. This has led to damage to the Council's reputation in wider local Government and harmed the image of the Council and of the Borough and town of Slough.
  3. Councillor Munawar has not acknowledged his accountability for the failure to speedily replace the previous Chief Executive, despite assertions that it was vital to do so 11 months ago, and he seems to be more concerned with getting an outcome that suits him rather than with protecting the authority by conducting a fair recruitment process.
  4. At a time when the involvement and participation of all Councillors, including opposition Councillors, was necessary to resolve problems and difficulties, Councillor Munawar has adopted authoritarian control rather than showing Leadership and bringing the Council together to select a new Chief Executive. Thus a majority of Slough Borough Councillors have been isolated and left feeling irrelevant.
  5. Councillor Munawar consistently fails to ensure that the Ruling Group is a cohesive policy-making group that sets out and articulates a clear, well-defined, and cohesive vision for the Council and the future of our town. Thus he has failed in the first tenet of Leadership.
  6. Councillor Munawar has lost the confidence of the majority of elected members of the Council.
  7. To highlight his poor judgement, he has this month sacked his Deputy, despite her having a personal mandate conveyed to her by her Council appointment after an election within the ruling Labour Group. Her sacking has arisen from complaints, made against Cllr Munawar about his behaviour in office by the Deputy Leader and several female councillors, which have led to his suspension from the Labour Party.
  8. We believe that, under his Leadership, the Council is at significant risk of Government intervention for its failure to demonstrate good-governance, transparent decision-making and adherence to the Nolan Principles of Public Life.

This Council therefore has no confidence in Council Munawar's ability to take the Council forward as Leader.

This Council therefore resolves to remove him as Leader of the Council and this Council then votes to elect a new Leader of the Council.

Councillor Roger Davis,
Councillor Natasa Pantelic,
Councillor Pavitar Mann,
Councillor Rob Anderson,
Councillor Sabia Hussain.