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Monday, 27 November 2017

James Swindlehurst elected Labour Group Leader

Sohail Munawar's candidate Arvind Dhaliwal defeated

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

Joy and happy smiles were seen on most councillors' faces after a private meeting of Labour's 32 councillors held in St Martin's Place, this evening.

An exciting leadership contest, demanded by the Labour's regional director Amy Fode, to fill the vacancy created by the suspension of Cllr Sohail Munawar, resulted in the only sensible and realistic challenger Cllr James Swindlehurst winning.

There were 2 candidates: James Swindlehurst and Arvind Dhaliwal.

James Swindlehurst got 20 votes, Arvind Dhaliwal 12.

Pragmatically Cllr Arvind Dhaliwal could never have properly done the job as Labour group leader and potentially as Slough's chief councillor (also known as Leader of the Council). Only a more dynamic and much more capable person can succeed in those demanding roles.

Cllr Dhaliwal was the choice of the Sohail Munawar fraction of Slough's Labour councillors. Those that voted for him were thought to be:-

  1. Cllr Mohammed Sharif
  2. Cllr Fiza Matloob
  3. Cllr Madhuri Bedi
  4. Cllr Ishrat Shah
  5. Cllr Arvind Dhaliwal
  6. Cllr Mohammed Nazir
  7. Cllr Joginder Bal
  8. Cllr Paul Sohal
  9. Cllr Zaffar Ajaib
  10. Cllr Shafiq Chaudhry
  11. Cllr Sunyia Sarfraz
  12. Cllr Atiq Sandhu

Cllr Sohail Munawar's long time friend, Cllr Madhuri Bedi, was said to be upset and crying at the result. Arvind Dhaliwal's defeat was the ending of the Munawar fraction's prospects of remaining in political power.

Mr Dhaliwal's wife Suki (Sukhjit) was forced out of her position as a Labour councillor following an immigration raid on her Wexham Lea shop and the detention of her staff. Mr & Mrs Dhaliwal's son Amarpreet is currently a Conservative councillor.

Love him or hate him, most people acknowledge James Swindlehurst has the best brains among all 42 councillors from all political parties and, without doubt, has the best knowledge of local government organisation.

Whoever becomes Labour leader (chief of the Labour councillors) will inevitably become the Leader of Slough Council (chief of all the councillors from all political parties).

Cllr Munawar was suspended from active Labour Party involvement for his sending of pornographic video to unsuspecting women Labour Party members and his very aggressive and bullying treatment of his woman deputy Cllr Sabia Hussain.

Cllr Munawar was furious Cllr Hussain objected to his strenuous attempts to give the council's chief executive job to his friend Roger Parkin at any cost despite Mr Parkin lacking the ability to do the job, allegations of sleaze, corruption and threatening women with violence and other matters.

There are unanswered questions why Cllr Munawar refused to hold an enquiry into Roger Parkin's activities.

Whoever is the Labour Group's chief councillor usually becomes the Leader of Slough Council.

The Slough Times predicts James Swindlehurst's coronation tomorrow evening, Tuesday 28 November, in the Curve, William Street commencing 19:00.