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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Emergency Council Meeting

Anyone walking away with £300K again ?

Report: Paul Janik

Notice of an emergency council meeting was unexpectedly posted on the council's web site on Thursday 7 December 2017. Most people would never see it on such an isolated web page.

Disappointingly the council's Democratic Services department have kept the details secret apart from the meeting might take place in a Communioty Centre in Chalvey.

Councillors and public want to know why the emergency meeting is occurring on Tuesday 19 December – 5 days and 5 hours before Christmas Day.

When a similar emergency meeting, held in secret, happened a few days before Christmas last year, suspended council chief executive Ruth Bagley walked away with a staggering £310,000 of public money paid by Slough's unsuspecting Council Tax payers.

Is anyone going to walk away with many hundreds of thousands of pounds this Christmas thanks to the generosity of the ruling Labour Party councillors ?

The Slough Times can exclusively reveal emergency council meetings can only be arranged after an agenda notice is submitted to Democratic Services. No changes to the meeting's proceedings are allowed.

Democratic Services, headed by Catherine Meek for last 19 years, knew all the details before 7 December, so why the reluctance to tell the public what is going-on and how councillors are spending their money ?

Democratic Services destroyed its credibility and neutrality when it concealed wrong doings involving the current acting chief executive Roger Parkin.

The new Council Leader James Swindlehurst boasts of Transparency, just like his predecessor Cllr Sohail Munawar did. We all know how opaque the council then became.

Can the new executive councillor for Democratic Services, deputy council leader Mrs Sabia Hussain, shake-up this failing department whose leadership, in the Slough Times opinion, is lacking and questionable ?

Transparency means letting the public know what is going-on at the earliest possible opportunity –  NOT  We will tell you later, when we feel like it.