Wednesday, 22 May 2019
Monday, 11 December 2017

Second Emergency Meeting

Details being kept secret from public

Report: Paul Janik

Another Emergency council meeting is due to take place on Monday, 19 December, just half-an-hour after the first emergency meeting starts.

Despite new Council Leader, James Swindlehurst, reassuring everyone his priority is transparency details are missing, again.

No agenda and no hint of these strange urgent emergency council meetings has been publish.

Councillors contacted by the Slough Times said they do not know the details of either meeting. They say the gossip is Two motions for debate have been submitted by Council Leader James Swindlehurst.

Concerned councillors and public think the 19:00 hours emergency council meeting is to appoint a new Monitoring Officer and the 19:30 meeting, most likely with the press and public excluded (thus no transparency), is probably to pay-off acting Chief Executive Roger Parkin perhaps with several hundreds of thousands of pounds of Council Tax payers' money.

The Slough Times asks – if Mr Parkin is to be paid-off – how much is this going to cost local people and, is it legal and reasonable to pay-off Mr Parkin when there are alarming allegations of Mr Parkin's bad behaviour, including threats of violence towards women, not forgetting other allegations – and they are unproven allegations because the council refuses to investigate them – of what appears to be, in the Slough Times' honest opinion, misconduct and/or corruption.

With local people queueing at Food Banks, some homeless sleeping on the freezing streets, no bus passes for the disabled and pensioners before 09:30 (a Cllr James Swindlehurst achievement) and rents in some cramped council flats doubled, are large pay-offs to affluent council bosses morally justifiable ?