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Tuesday, 19 December 2017
Updated 21 December 2017, 23:59

Roger Parkin wins Slough Council's Christmas lottery

£440,000 not enough – he wants more

Report: Paul Janik

Not enough cash protests Parkin, 56, as he stuffs £440,000 into giant suitcases, sources say.

On Tuesday evening 19 December 2017, Slough's councillors voted for or against giving an unworthy, professionally incompetent, violently aggressive, rule breaking council boss covered in serious sleaze and corruption allegations, in the Slough Times honest opinion, almost half a million pounds as a Farewell present.

The official excuse was Mr Parkin was being made redundant. The truth is recently ousted Council Leader Sohail Munawar and his Cabinet councillors allowed Mr Parkin to abolish his own official permanent job, Director of Customer Services.

Cllr Munawar then knew the only option was to give Mr Parkin the job of chief executive, – Cllr Munawar was obsessed with doing that – or give Mr Parkin a very large pay-off. Mr Parkin, said to be a serious betting addict, gambled on his weak mate Cllr Sohail Munawar, giving him the top job.

England's undemocratic laws (more at home in a third-world Banana Republic) legally prevented 34 out of Slough's 42 councillors formally objecting to Cllr Munawar unexplainable passion and obsession to appoint Roger Parkin as chief executive even though Mr Parkin has no ability to do the important job.

Of the 8 Cabinet members only Sabia Hussain had the guts to raise objections. She was then badly bullied by Sohail Munawar supported by his gang. It was disgusting that none of the other 6 Cabinet councillors sought to protect her.

Mr Parkin should have been suspended on full-pay, investigated and, most likely, sacked without any substantial pay-offs. That is the reality of sleazy Slough Council.

On 18 March 2016, Slough Observer reported Cllr Wayne Strutton (Conservative, Haymill) telling a council meeting about then chief executive Ruth Bagley:-

..... she needs ..... to make the relevant decisions ..... on whether or not those directors are capable.

Councillors and council staff said Mr Parkin was one of those incapable directors. Mrs Bagley, on £186,000 annually, ignored her responsibility and did nothing about the man who repeatedly threatened her with violence.

Keeping massive payment secret

The Slough Times is not allowed to know how each of 42 councillors voted. Neither are we, like you mugs who generously funded Roger Parkin's ultra expensive Christmas present, entitled to know the exact details of Slough Council's biggest ever pay-off.

We also can't know:-

  • The justification for giving Roger Parkin £440,000;
  • The names of the potentially dodgy lawyers advocating the scandalous pay-out;
  • The detailed legal advice advocating the huge pay-out;
  • The advice given to councillors by Roger Parkin's drinking-mate, council chief finance officer ('151') Neil Wilcox who was appointed to the council, allegedly for services rendered, by the same Mr Parkin;
  • Whether the council's external auditor was fully consulted.

Cllr James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham West), chief councillor ('Council Leader') since 28 November 2018, promised the public, exactly like his predecessor Cllr Sohail Munawar (Labour, Elliman) promised the public, that amazingly elusive illusion called Transparency.

Just like discredited Sohail, James' Transparency abruptly fled from the council's systemic sleaze. The Labour Party™ dominance (33 out of 42 councillors) ensures this latest council cover-up keeps the public in the dark.

More cash sought ?

Sources say Mr Parkin wants even more cash and plans to sue unknown entities to get extra money. The Slough Times understands one target is likely to be Deputy Council Leader Sabia Hussain who spectacularly revealed some, but not all, of Mr Parkin's behaviour.

Council witnesses say in 2015, when Mr Parkin threaten previous chief executive Ruth Bagley OBE with aggressive violence that frightened her (punching her face in), Mr Parkin offered to resign from the council for the modest price of £2 million. However Labour Party sources say it was only £1.6 million.

Public Parasites ?

In a Slough Observer article dated 24 October 2014, Cllr Wayne Strutton is quoted as saying:-

This is appalling. Why do senior staff at Slough Borough Council keep getting these pay-offs?

Three years later, the top staff's goodbye (and don't ever come back) payments gets worse.

There are no visible signs of any political (i.e. Labour Party™) will to stop these astonishing and, in the Slough Time's opinion, obscene ripping-off of Slough's not rich Council Tax payers.

Last Christmas, in December 2016, chief executive Ruth Bagley was given £310,000 in a very confused situation when elected councillors were deliberately given false and misleading information to justify that huge golden goodbye bonus – despite Mrs Bagley being suspended for serious misconduct.

At the time, Mrs Bagley's disciplinary investigation – said to have uncovered damaging evidence – was secretly halted by temporary Monitoring Officer, solicitor Linda Walker, the Business Development manager of HB Public Law.

The Slough Times understands why some outraged citizens call the recipients of massive amounts of council cash, paid in secret meetings with the press and public excluded, Public Parasites.

The Slough Times blames

  1. The government, specifically the Department of Communities & Local Government, for failure to:-

    1. provide the press and public with a genuinely effective regulator of English local government.
    2. establish a professional knowledge and competency examination for all council staff paid more than £65,000 annually.
    3. establish a professional licensing system for all council staff and freelancers (also known as consultants) paid more than £65,000 annually.
    4. establish by law a basic standard of council meeting minutes – some of Slough's minutes are woefully inadequate with missing details.
    5. establish by law uniform training standards for ordinary councillors and advance training standards for executive councillors (Cabinet members) – some of Slough's councillors are woefully inept.
    6. establish by law a uniform competence for all councillors including English literacy and numeracy – at least one of Slough's previous councillors could not speak English and was alleged to be an illegal immigrant using his cousin's surname.
    7. establish by law a criminal offence of failing to investigate serious complaints made against council staff – anonymous Slough Council staff covered-up complaints made against Roger Parkin and refused to investigate them.
  2. Cllr Sohail Munawar, who, when chief councillor,:-

    1. gave the job of temporary chief executive to Roger Parkin despite Mr Parkin lacking the ability to competently undertake any part of that responsibility.
    2. failed to suspend Roger Parkin for several misconduct investigations after being publicly told by Cllr Sabia Hussain of some, but not all, of Mr Parkin's activities.
  3. Cllr James Swindlehurst, who as chief councillor, failed to suspend Roger Parkin for several misconduct investigations after being publicly told by Cllr Sabia Hussain of some, but not all, of Mr Parkin's activities..
  4. Ruth Bagley OBE, who as chief executive (legally the Head of Paid Service), failed to:-

    1. suspend Roger Parkin for gross misconduct investigations after being personally aware of, and scared by, Mr Parkin's aggressively threatening conduct.
    2. remove Roger Parkin from his council director's job when she repeatedly saw Mr Parkin was incapable of undertaking his director's responsibilities in a fit-for-purpose competent manner.

The Slough Times believes:-

  • If Mr Parkin was demoted from his director's position;
  • If Mr Parkin was never given the job of temporary chief executive;
  • If Mr Parkin had been investigated as a result of gross misconduct referral by Mrs Bagley;
  • If Mr Parkin had been investigated as a result of gross misconduct referral by Cllr Munawar; and
  • If Mr Parkin had been investigated as a result of gross misconduct referral by Cllr Swindlehurst.

it is most unlikely Mr Parkin would depart with nearly £1/2 million funded by Slough's Council Tax payers. Everyone loves big Christmas presents but this one is insulting especially when Slough people are queueing-up at Food Banks.

Are there any legally enforceable repayments to the council from Mr Parkin's jackpot winnings ? These are sometimes known by the American phrase of "claw backs".

There is a need to identify and investigate all of Roger Parkin's cronies; especially as some were promoted beyond their ability and/or received large disguised pay increases linked, in the Slough Times opinion, to their personal relationships with Mr Parkin – classic nepotism.

It is time for either a public enquiry into the running of Slough Unitary Authority (the council's legal title) or for the government to send-in inspectors to take-over the operation of the council and begin to sort-out the mess perpetuated by Labour Party™ councillors.

Can anyone honestly claim everything is wonderful ? Better not because the Slough Times has some worrying reports awaiting publication.

Happy Christmas.